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Daily Versus Weekly Calories

I’m currently eating 10% over maintenance–which comes out to about 4200 calories per day. I try to stay 90% strict but there are those days when I eat a platter of nachos and a pint of Hagan Daaz. I keep a food journal and have found some days I’ve eaten 6000 or 7000 calories.

I’ve read Dr Lowery say it’s more about weekly intake than daily–so here’s my question: Can I eat 3900 calories a day and one day a week eat 6000 calories to make up the 300 cals/day deficit? Will that give me the same result as spreading the calories out?

As a general it’s better to have consistency or a predetermined patern of cycling.

However in your case it seems you’re getting more than enough ‘base’ calories. Basically you should set yourself a caloric threshold that you have to meet EVERY DAY. Say 4200 is your goal. As long as you reach 4200 it’s fine and anything above isn’t going to kill you since you’re growing muscle.

The only thing you should worry about is if you gain over 1lb per week. In which case you can act quickly and add more exercise(I would never deprive someone of their beer).