Daily Undulating Periodization

Just started a Volume block with my coach, lifting 4 days a week squating 3x a week benching 3x a week and DL 2x a week. Im pretty excited I’ve read some really good things about a DUP program. What are your thoughts?

It could go very well or very badly. It all depends on how well the volume and intensity is managed and how you individually respond to it.

I think the biggest ‘concern’ I have is the twice weekly deadlift. It could be fine if the variations are different and the loads are different.

Also, IMO a large factor is how heavy your lifts are and how experienced you are, although that ties into the manipulation of volume and intensity.

Bottom line, if you’re enthusiastic about it and your coach knows what they’re doing (by which I mean have they used this with multiple lifters successfully before and have they been coaching with good results for a while) it’ll probably work really well.

Just be aware that it’ll be tough, especially if you haven’t done that kind of thing before.