Daily TRT Administration Injection Sites?

Hi everyone

I’ve decided to switch to everyday administration, what are the daily administration injection sites?

I know some do delts daily. I do 3x a week there, no issues

Sub q in the stomach. Only problem is the occasional painful stick. But I’m sure you run the risk of hitting nerves anywhere

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Gluteus, ventrogluteal, delts

So some inject the same spot once every 2 days? Like the delts?

Does anybody inject pecs here?

Hi @jimmy401, I personally think IM is better than Sub Q

I only do delts. When I was injecting daily I would just alternate sides each day. Currently I have moved to 3X per week.

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It probably gives you a little bit more of a rush when doing like one large shot a week or something but daily I don’t think you will really feel any kind of rush or anything because your levels will be stable with either one

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Delts alternate sides insulin syringe absolutely zero pain!

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Tell that to my shoulders when I started pinning delts. I will say they get used to it. I just think adding the caveat of it takes a bit of time helps. I kinda felt like a pussy lol. Everyone saying delts doesn’t hurt, and I can’t scratch my head due to the pain. 8/10 times now is painless. When it does hurt, it is 25% of what it used to be.

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It’s just my opinion when I say I don’t think it’s normal to saturate fat with testosterone, I don’t think it’s healthy either. also I think it can cause stubborn fat to develop, maybe because your body gets tricked into thinking it needs that fat for T, I don’t know.
From what I’ve seen people with abs don’t tend to inject Sub Q.

I go with upper and lower quads. Upper just below my hip, and the lower about a hands length above the knee. I also go towards the side of the quad as I believe you have less of a chance to hit the nerve. I inject 1 x per week so each site has about 4 weeks to heal. If I am in a place I can look in a mirror I will hit delts.

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