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Daily Total Body Hypertrophy Program for Naturals?

Anyone know of a good program that focuses on hypertrophy by incorporating full body workouts daily or perhaps 6 days per week?
Ideally, it would be for natural lifters and not take more than 1 hour plus warm up and cool down/stretching. A preference for upper body hypertrophy over lower body would be seasoning on the steak (or icing on the cake on a cheat day).

5/3/1 Building the Monolith will have you training full body 6 times a week depending on how you structure it. Very effective for hypertrophy.

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Full Body

6 day per week frequency

Built around short workouts

Designed for “naturals”

3 to 1 ratio of upper body to lower body lifts

As is it were created especially for You!