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Daily SQ Testoterone Injections

I just started home injections after doing six weeks of 200 mg testosterone every two weeks. I have been doing 50 mg testosterone twice a week and 250 iu hcg eod for the last month with pretty good results. I have a friend who suggested 15mg testosterone sq daily and 250 iu hcg eod. I am also taking liquidex .25 mg q day. What are your thoughts on this regiment?

See the protocol for injections sticky and advice for new guys. Be open minded about possible thyroid and iodine issues.

No need to inject T ED as its half life is good. I suggest T+hCG together EOD as a simple routine. And the smooth T levels then may anastrozole dose matching to T levels possible.

.25 mg ED anastrozole is way too much! You should start with 1.0mg/week in divided EOD doses, around 8 drops ED. After you get E2 labs, the dose can be adjusted… as per stickies. Be aware of ‘anastrozole over-responder’.