Daily Sledgehammer Training?

I just got into sledgehammer training a few weeks ago, so I am fairly new to it. I was wondering, would atleast 5 days a week of sledgehammer swings lead to overtraining?

What are you doing with the sledgehammer and what other training are you doing? What is your work and schedule like? How good is your diet? How much sleep do you get? What weight sledgehammer are you using? How stressed are you?

You question cannot be answered unless you provide more information.

If all you want is better conditioning, you don’t need that much work. I do 8x20w/10r Tabata intervals with 15 sledgehammer on a tire after my upper body strength routine, then 8x20w/10r dumbbell swings (65lb) after my lower body strength routine.

I’m doing about 100 diagonal swings each side(3x a week). My schedule is ok, 9-5 job(nothing that will hinder workout time, or diet). I get usually get atleast 7 hours of sleep per night. Lately I’ve been using a 16lb. hammer, however I also have a 12lb., and an 8lb. hammer that I still use as well. I’m looking for better conditioning as well as increased power.

I guess I should also note that I do not have access to a gym(which means Weight training is not included in my schedule right now), and I’m on a very tight budget so all I have right now is the sledgehammers and the tires for strength and conditioning.

High frequency and high volume sledgehammer swings aren’t the right thing to be doing for gains in power (though lever work with the hammer could be good for your wrists and forearms). And you could get all the conditioning benefits from doing much less, which would allow you to work harder elsewhere on more productive exercises. Here are some suggestions:

  1. If you can’t get to a gym, buy an old army duffel bag and load it with 200lb of sand. You could do squats, single leg squats, clean and press, press, deadlifts, power curls, fireman carry, bear hug, farmer’s walk, turkish get up…
  2. If you can’t afford a duffel bag, put a couple of eye bolts in your tire and fill it with sandbags then drag or push it.
  3. Find somewhere to do chin ups.
  4. Sprint up a steep hill 8-10 times once or twice a week. Each sprint should last 15-30 seconds.