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Daily Show Bit on Planet Fitness


this is gold.



LOL! Golden for sure!


Iron Sport Gym baby


I was supposed to be in that skit =( They changed the shoot date to a day I was out of town.



I would like to paralyze that bitch.


LMFAO. The should put her picture next to "dumb blonde" in the dictionary.




My wife thought that the entire skit was a parody, including the gym rep.

Then I explained to her that PF is an actual business, and that the woman was not joking.

She was puzzled.


Oh while their policies and him getting kicked out weren't parody some if it likely was. I can't imagine anyone who was allowed to represent a national company willingly comparing their polices to Hitler's. Though if I am wrong I can only imagine the fun that ensued for her after that video was played.


I'm sad at the lack of Steve Pulcinella, otherwise it was great especially the audience reaction at "So it's a judgement free zone... except for you." "Yes!"


Funny stuff, but do you really think that rep was an actual employee? Not to sound like a complete moron, but if that's how they talk to and about people I'm going to join and then when they kick me out get Gloria Allred to represent my ass!


But that is their whole model. They just got a free five minute pitch to everybody who feels scorn and judgement in the presence of people who actually work.

And they obviously had permission to film at location, either from corporate HQ or the location owner. Hell, for all we know, she could have been their VP of marketing.

It may have been a little tongue in cheek, but she got their message across quite nicely.


"moving shit back and forth" hahaha


Given the way some people on this very site act towards those who are bigger and stronger than them and the attitudes of the general public, how farfetched do you think this is? Have you seen their commercials? Heard any of the news stories about them kicking people out of the gym and canceling memberships?


True on both accounts. I just can't believe they would be so openly discriminatory, to call people animals and to say they should be bunched up away from regular people is beyond my comprehension. I realize they want a nice comfy gym with no intimidation but I guess I never realized how twisted they are.

I think the fact that I go to a gym where people range from competitive strongmen and BB's to older ladies that walk on the treadmill every morning and then feel perfectly comfortable talking to a guy that just finished pulling an oil truck around the parking lot leaves me a bit out of touch.


No. Just that your gym is a "Judgement Free Zone", apparently. LOL


Haha even truer!



Great bit. Having been to PF many times while travelling on business, not surprised at all. Sometimes, if it's the only thing near by, I just stay in my room and do push-ups and sit-ups.


Whatever, fuck 'em.