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Daily Protein Needs


hey coach,

i just got my low carb Metabolic Drive, Surge workout recovery, BCAA, and Flameout in the mail. when is the best time to take Surge before or after and how much BCAA should i take. also do you think it would matter if i also cosnumed another whey protein shake along side Metabolic Drive to help get in my daily protien needs. thanks


read his "questions about periworkout nutrition" thread and if you cant find your answer in that post the question there


Really? Do you even look for your answer? Not only is there three threads where you could probably find your answer, BUT there is also a thread called Frequently asked questions, that has your answer. It astounds me how lazy so many people are.



Christian doesn't use BCAA's. Metabolic Drive is nice but not necessary (use it in meal replacement shakes or before bed). CT recommends Flameout towards the end of the day. Surge Recovery should be taken about 15 minutes before you train. The peri-workout nutrition thread has much more info.

Asking if you need to add whey protein shakes without any information on your diet is just plain retarded. How the hell is anybody supposed to know if we don't know how much protein you're getting elsewhere?

Next time I recommend looking at some already existing threads relevant to your questions before you post.


BCAAs are gold covered diamonds!

Just gotta make sure you've got enough other protein in your diet.


Think of it this way, everything you want to know is out there...

Just go read it.