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Daily Meal Plan


I'm getting a bit sick of eating six small meals a day. I know it is better for athletes to eat a number of small meals a day, as it will increase the metabolism, but could I go back to 3 square meals (Brekkie, Lunch and Dinner) at sensible times, and just take a protein shake between meals.

I guess breakfast lunch and dinner would be about 600 calories, and each protein shake with say fruit juice could come to 250 calories each, leaving space for calories taken in coffee, fruits, sugar. Feedback appreciated


That's basically what I do...

Meal #1 Egg and Cheese Omelet, sometimes with meat and/or veggies.

Drive to work, Coffee with 1 scoop of Van. Metabolic Drive

Meal #2 2nd Egg and Cheese Omelet, again sometimes with meat and/or veggies.

Meal #3 or snack rather, beef jerky and some unsalted mixed nuts.

Meal #4 Pre, Post and Post, Post workout shake. 15 Oz. water, 3 scoops of Metabolic Drive, sometimes with a scoop of maltodextrin.

Meal #5 Chicken salad, with about 6-8 oz of chicken breast fresh lettuce and spinach with a flax seed, olive oil and balsamic vinegarette dressing.

Meal #6 Dinner, usually a bunch of meat and veggies.

Meal #7 or snack will be an apple with natural PB or an apple with cottage cheese or celery or something along those lines...

Sometimes Meals 3 and 5 are switched depending when I can make it to the gym...

Actually, if I wouldn't cheat with Pizza and beer and let my job keep me from the gym a couple times a week I'd probably be in pretty good shape damn it!!! : )

Even still though, that's how I eat during the week and try to stick as close to that as possible during the weekend...


I don't understand why you don't consider a protein shake a "meal"? Sure it doesn't conform to a P&F or P&C format, but it's close. I find it my only salvation on busy days to even get my daily protein in.

Long story short, 3 meals with protein shakes in-between should be fine. I would add in some flax or olive oil in your shakes to at least make them a P&F meal. I do that sometimes.


Na, Peanut butter is my downfall. It's the one thing I eat that I would call junk-food... Thanks for your advice though. I will just go back to my three square meals, and two shkes with a something-on-the-side in it.

The only reason I asked is that body-building web sites allways say to have 5-6 small meals of 30-40 grams of protein or whatever. Oh well, lamb for lunch today!


Hey body what's your last name??



It's Mansell. Nice Username by the way!


I feel the same but I had it first! :slight_smile: