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Daily Low Dose Proviron Works Wonders

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to share my experience with adding in Daily 25mg Proviron in addition to my current TRT.

I am on a very basic protocol for TRT (still only about 12 weeks in overall) of
100mg Cyp 2x a week (Split into 2 x .50mg)
A-Dex 2 x 0.0625 (I’m an over responder to AI)
DIM 100mg Caps (not sure on actual % of DIM per capsule, but based on my past, I started with just 1 pill every day)

Recently, I remembered that I had Proviron on hand from a past purchase, and after about 3-4 weeks of reading up on the compound/ seeing how others implemented into their TRT protocol. I pulled the trigger, and at this moment, it’s been one the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I should also note, this is my first run with DHT compounds.

Current Pro’s:

  • Improved daily mood (way more stable, versus some up and downs between injections)
  • VASTLY improved Erection Quality. Probably the best I’ve experienced since high school.
  • Dryer/ Harder look to my physique.
  • Slight strength gains, however I think this is largely due to the increase in free T.
  • Sleeping WAY better.
  • Decrease in water retention/ E2 Sides.
  • Increase in weight, decrease in BF%
    (I weight myself twice a day, AM/PM, so I am very in tune to E2 sides etc, this helps me manage the TRT program more effectively)


  • Very light hair shedding. We’re talking like 1-3 hairs in my palm when I shower.

Now I see many threads of people saying you have to take 50-100mg a day to see results.
I would also like to say, that potentially I had low DHT prior to starting a simple regiment, so there is a chance that a low dose may not work for everyone, however, I would like to let people know that you may very well respond to a low dose of Proviron every day.

Overall, I plan to add this to my trt regiment for the foreseeable future. If you have any questions, please feel free to post!

Tons of questions for you.

  1. Did you do labs before and after?

  2. Were you having issues with hair loss before the Provirion? (Trt has made me start shedding/thinning, when I had no prior MBP or shedding)

  3. My SHBG is very high, in the 40-50’s so I have been looking at this medication for a while, but have been hesitant to use it because of side effects. What side effects do you know of? Liver? Lipids?

  4. Do you know if SHBG goes back up after stopping? I would like to ideally find something that lowers it and then keeps it there. (I think winstrol can, but you have to do it several times)

  5. What were your reasons for using it?

  6. How long do you plan on using it? Cycle it?

Hey Alpha, great questions, these are ones I was expecting to be honest.

  1. I have not yet run bloods, I have them scheduled for two weeks from now. I will update this post with results.

  2. I was actually thinning very quickly before I started TRT. Once I started, within roughly a month, my hair was much fuller. I think I’ve at least been able to regrow some hair. I wouldn’t say it’s as full as say 2-3 years ago, but noticeably thicker at the roots.

  3. In reading, Proviron is very mild on the liver. I have seen several threads of people running this compound all year long. I too was concerned as I have issues with my body overreacting to anything I give it. However, I now feel very safe taking this compound every day. If you read any articles on the compound, you’ll find that liver values do not increase nor are they affected at low doses. I do take daily milk thistle just in case.

  • Also to manage lips etc, I added an extra fish oil capsule to the mix. Again you’ll find this is probably the most mild/ chill compound made available for body building purposes. If there was a way to get sides from this, you can believe I would have started showing them by now. lol
  • Regarding SHBG, I would assume has the half lives of the compound dissipate from the body, that SHBG would increase again as well as Total T dropping. “As SHBG Increase, Total T Drops” and vice versa" Peak Testosterone has a great article on this exact topic.
  1. I was looking for an increase in libido/ erection quality (I was still having issues with ED, largely because of High E2 Sides, that I was struggling to manage), a way to manage e2 without A-dex, looking for a dryer physique and increase sense of well being. I wasn’t really looking for “the on feeling” or gainz etc. At this point, I have accomplished those goals.

  2. I only had roughly 20 tabs. I do think going forward, I’ll keep taking this every day unless my bloodwork shows I need to stop or I experience any negative sides.

I hope this helps man, I apologize I cannot directly address your High SHBG, I don’t want to pretend as if I have answers to your issues. I would say, chat with your DR or post on the forums here, there are a lot of knowledgeable folks!

Oh, I wasn’t asking for your direct opinion on the SHBG (trust me, ive done so many hours of research, on it). This compound is renowned for lowering it, so I thought maybe you had a similar issue with high SHBG.

So your saying that TRT made your hair grow thicker? Im wondering if this might be something similar to my issue. When I first started TRT I had a lot of hairs fall out, and they still do, but the amount has slowed down a lot, I still think im going bald, but my wife and lady who cuts my hair seem to think the other way! All I know is hair is still falling out, and when it regrows its thin. So… I don’t know if im on a rebound, or if its just slowly falling out.

Either way, I think I might wait to try proviron until I do the buzz cut. But im not sure, it sounds like it has so many benefits. My main one would just be the increased free Test.

Anyway keep us updated. Id like to see your pre labwork also.

Also, have you completely left out your DIM and AI now that you take proviron? I heard that it acts as an AI also. Currently taking around 2mg of Aromasin, 1-2 times a week just to keep sides from showing up.

I’m curious why you think this compound has had so many great advantages. Seems to me that at such a low dose, it would be hard to account for all the benefits listed above. We know it binds to SBHG thus slightly increasing your free T. We also know that it binds to the aromatase enzyme thus reducing E2, but both of those things can be accomplished by making slight increases in your T cyp and adex. So what is it specifically about proviron?

I was definitely in your boat before taking this, I read posts going over both sides of things “This is Great
and 'This doesn’t do anything for me”. Honestly, I don’t understand how it’s helped me so much at such a low dose, however, again, I respond to very low doses of everything across the board - which honestly could just be how “out of balance” my body truly is at this moment (and pre TRT).

My total T before TRT was 335, at 100mg I’m at 535. So really if we think about it, I was in such a shitty low state pre HRT, that anything that increases Free T, or drops/ manages E2 a bit is going to do a lot of good.

I do know that I am due for an increase in Cyp weekly dosage based on bloods a few weeks ago, so you are correct in that, I should experience all of the above, on a very simple bump in protocol. Just at this moment, I am reaping benefits from a small dosage.

To answer you question, “Specifically” I would just say that the huge surge in overall sense of well being, has been the biggest thing I’ve seen increase on my end.

I know that there is plenty of material that goes against what I am saying, however we know that everyone can respond to compounds differently and in drastically different ways than another person.

Hope this answers your question.

Alpha -

Regarding hair growth, I’ve definitely seen an increase of extra hair everywhere haha. My beard is the fullest it’s ever been, I have to keep eye brows a bit more tamed or things get rough.

I’d say give it a go at 25mg a day, run it for a week or two and see how you feel. You’ll know what to do from there. Cheers!

Forgot to address your DIM & A-dex question.

I still take DIM at 100MG each day, and then A-dex once a week on Tuesday’s. This seems to keep thing’s in check for the most part. My joint’s were a bit achy today, so I will probably skip tomorrow’s dose of A-dex.

Also, I’ll send you my bloodwork via private message tomorrow. Unfortunately my clinic did not run DHT and several other tests when I first started (Looking to switch to defy medical very soon). With that I don’t have a proper baseline on a few things.

My pre TRT levels were worse than yours and my current T level on 100mg of T cyp is 979. So I respond really well to my shots. My overall success on TRT seems to be more centered around my E2. If I can keep it in the mid 20’s I’m golden. So I’ve always been curious why guys with low T don’t just use compounds like Proviron or Masteron which don’t aromatize along with T cyp. Seems to me we could take much less T cyp and possibly not need an AI at all.

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I would agree with you on all that. I remember when I first started, thinking that it was all about test levels etc. Which to a degree it is, especially if too low (ED Issues etc etc). Now that I am a little “further along”, I find myself thinking more about managing E2 than anything else. So I definitely agree with you there.

Have you used Proviron or Masteron in addition to your protocol? I would also really like to get away from using an AI as well. I think I plan on attempting a Daily HCG dose on down the road to see if that helps. But that is for another thread!

I have not used anything other than the prescribed T cyp, adex and hcg. Just intrigued by the possibilities these other compounds might hold.

Any updates?

Your lab values on TRT would be of interest. Some of your response is seen in some guys correcting elevated E2.

Proviron is not legal in USA, available by prescription in some other countries.

How long did it take for response to Proviron?
You are taking 25mg/day?

Hey KSman, sorry for the delay, my notifications we’re ending up in the spam folder.

The response to Proviron was actually quite fast, my Cyp dose at the time was pretty low, so freeing up T, seemed to be the extra push I was desperately needing.

I can upload bloods if you guys want. I have left my current clinic for a multitude of reason, one of which that they were not running Sensitive E2, SHBG or anything that would really help guide this discussion :confused:

The most recent update - I was able to increase to 200mg EW. This helped immensely. I continued to run Proviron, however the benefits we’re not the same at all. In fact, hair loss seemed to accelerate, which makes perfect sense. I have increased my use of a Nizoral Shampoo and dropped the provirion completely. This stopped the hair loss within a few days.

I do know that I both a hypermetabolizer and hyperextretor of hormones, there could be something there as well. Working on moving over to Defy Medical. I am looking forward to getting under actual supervision.

The most recent update - I was able to increase to 200mg EW. This helped immensely. I continued to run Proviron, however the benefits we’re not the same at all. In fact, hair loss seemed to accelerate, which makes perfect sense. I have increased my use of a Nizoral Shampoo and dropped the provirion completely. This stopped the hair loss within a few days.

I do know that I both a hypermetabolizer and hyperextretor of hormones, my next step is getting control of my constant daily e2 swings. Currently I am dosing 2 x.25mg of Dex each day, and this does not carry me though the night. The plan is to also check T3 T4.

The plan this week is to switch to a daily HCG injection of 125mg and keep my Test Cyp injection at 100mg 2x week. I figure it’s best to only change one thing at a time.

Feel free to shoot me a pm on here, I’ll try to be better about updating the thread!

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So the provirion is probably not needed anymore because your TT is splashing over into your free test with that much of a dose.

yes sir. I think that is accurate. However, in reading, there are still many people that swear by the compound. It is definitely safe to try and see how the body responds!

Can proviron 25/50mg ED suppress estradiol too low if taken for TRT forever. I’ve taken Proviron 25mg ED and sensitive Estradiol test came back at 19pg/ml. I take nebido 4ml/1000mg test E8W. Live in Europe. I feel Proviron 25mg ED is too low dosage for suppressing shbg or boosting libido but too much cause it will suppress estradiol too low.

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How are you doing now sir? Was proviron helping?