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Daily Low Dose Orals

Safe and Useful?

Having recently read Mick Hart’s “Laymans Guide to Steroids 2” he suggests that older men, with low testosterone levels (like me) should take 3 x ANDRIOL daily. That’s every day, not a cycle.

Will this daily use cause a shutdown of my of testosterone production?

Will it cause water retention? Or Gyno?

Does it need to be Andriol, like Mick says, or would 10 or 20mg of D/bol a day have exactly the same effect?

I’ll be totally upfront and honest here, this is not about muscle growth - am asking this question because I want a spring in my step and my libido a boast!

Opinions greatly valued, guys.

You could have potential liver issues taking dbol everyday. The Andriol would be better since it takes a different route to absorption. Not sure what a HRT dose would be. You could also try Alpha Male,TRIBEX or some other trib product. What did your test levels test out at?

I thought people had given up recommending Andriol years ago, because basically it’s worthless.

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