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Daily Intramuscuar Shots

I’d been doing 150 mg testosterone cypionate every Mon & Thur in the mornings. I wanted to change things up a bit. I recalled hearing of doing daily shots. I’ve now been doing 42 mg intramuscular daily in the mornings with an insulin needle. (which is 22 iu with a u100) Takes about 2 minutes to draw up, but shoots fast. Able to shoot quads with no issue. Things are nice and level. I couldn’t do the 150 mg in the evenings as it would keep me awake, but yesterday I did the 42 mg just before bed, no issue. Woke up this morning with super wood. (usually just have regular wood). I’m sure this mimics the body’s natural production timing a bit better. I’ll continue with the evening dosing and keep yall posted. As for shot frequency, it’s really no problem. I used a 25 for glutes 2x a week and an insulin pin for hcg 2x a week prior to this. Compared to the 25 I really don’t even feel the the insulin pin in the quads. We all know quad shots can be killer pain. Just a reminder, be careful using an insulin pin for IM shots. The needle is not made for this and could bend easily. I’ve not had this issue, but am aware and cautious. As for workouts and other performance benefits, couldn’t say yet. I just had a vasectomy, so I’ve not been able to workout or do anything else. Next week I’m back in action. Over all, so far, I do feel much better on this schedule. I’d urge yall to give it a try. Takes about a week to build up, then your gtg. Don’t forget to donate blood as often as allowed and take an aspirin at least 2x a week. Stay safe.

If you use 0.5ml [50iu] insulin syringes for T, the smaller piston face will create higher pressures and faster injections.

Sounds like what you are doing is good VS hypermetabolism of T.

Never seen any concern or problems with the insulin needles failing. They can be bent by rubber vial stoppers if technique is bad.

Now your labs will be more representative of whats going on.