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Daily Intake


I have searched the web and have everything I am looking for when it comes to the daily intake of vitamins, and minerals for athletes, but I have yet found anything that says the recommended daily intake of each amino acid for athletes.

If anybody's knows the information for the recommended daily intake of each amino acid off the top of their head, or a good book, or a website, it would be helpful. Thanks.


I would NOT get to worrying about each single amino or you'll drive yourself NUTS!!! I would instead aim to get atleast 1g per lb of quality COMPLETE proteins that have all the aminos meaning not counting veggies, fruits, oats etc. Counting meats (stuff that walks, swims, fly's, and makes noise under its own power), and milk/dairy products including whay casien etc.


I truly begin to get worried when someone asks questions as if they are about to attempt to individually count each and every amino acid they take in daily.


No, no, no, I didn't mean it in that way. Yes that would be a little bit to much, but I was just wondering for wondering sakes. I def don't plan on counting each amino acid, I was just wondering with respect to how much more of each amino acid are you suppose to have opposed to another, just a general curious question.