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Daily Intake

5 whole omega 3 eggs
2 slices Ezekiel bread
handful of blueberries
2 green tea bags
1 1300mg CLA
1 tribulus
1 calcium pyruvate

40-60 grams of protein from chicken
Salad with oils
half cup green beans
Cal Py

Mid afternoon

Bison burgers 46 grams
broccoli , 2 cups
4 omega 3 caps

Before work
2 scoops of slow release whey
2 scoops of naturally more PB rich in omega 3

Before workout
1 scoop whey

sip on 1 scoop Surge

2 scoops Surge

40-60 grams of chicken on
lettuce with olive oil and vinegar
calcium pyr.

at night
2 scoops of Naturally more PB

This is a normal day For me which i think is to little. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

We can’t make suggestions without knowing your current condition, training efforts, metabolism, and most importantly, your goals.

Looks pretty healthy though. Maybe a better variety of vegetables would be in order.

My training and lifts are as follows:
Squat 405 5rm
Front squat 315 3rm
Bench press 300 1rm
Deadlift 475 1rm
Power clean 265 1rm

I use multiple sets along with reps ranging from 1-3 reps to 4-6 reps. I stick mainly to these exercises along with other accessory work. These exercises are usually very intense and I try to burn as much calories as I can by keeping the intensity and my weights high.
I lift 5 days a week and along with cardio on the days I work out.

On average I get around 200-250 grams a day of protein and I always keep that high. I have a tendency to gain fat easy if I eat to many carbs throughout the day, Even good carbs! I always keep my fat intake up and I consume omega 3 as much as I can during the day.

Should I cut out all carbs besides Veggies?

My goal is to continue lifting heavy while I keep calories fairly low and try to burn fat.
I want to lose around 10 lbs and I know my diet isn’t what it should be. I feel like I go below 2500 calories some days and i think it really hurts my fatloss. Also If I am trying to lose bodyfat should I be taking Surge?

Counting calories is a huge hassle but if it comes down to it then I can make it a part of my routine. Any help or comments are greatly appreciated.

Use some help to count calories fitday.com is free.

Or go on the V-diet to lose that 10 lbs, easiest thing to plan for, following it is difficult for most.

thanks, I’ve already gone there and I have calculated my daily intake. I think this will be very helpful because of the custom food tab , which is pretty cool.

I Found my daily intake to be 2500 calories which is 600 below my maintnece . Is that to much below what I need to eat, considering I am training for an hour and doing cardio for 30mins a day? ?

I’ve done the V-diet before and loved it, lost around 25lbs in 5 weeks. I am very dedicated and I can always complete a task that I have in mind. My problem is that I know I will have to work extra hard to lose my last lbs. calorie counting is new to me and I will have to find that perfect balance in order to lose sufficient weight without sacrificing muscle.

I calculated everything I will be eating for the next few days. I plan on reaching 2800 calories a day. I want to start my fats high and cut more carbs once I get a feel of how my body does on low carb. How much fat should I eat?? My protein is around 280g, fat intake is 120-130g and my carb intake will be from 100-120g. That is around 45/45/10 split.