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Daily Injections to Avoid Heart Palpitations?

Great. Make sure they do echo which is an ultrasound of heart basically.

Pvcs can be hormonal. My wife gets them around her period the most.

See if you find the monitor report. See if you find the percentage that it is Burdensome. If it’s less then 1 percent that’s good.

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I used to have lots of PVC’s throughout the day and I blamed it on TRT. I even had an episode of Afib and went to an electrical heart doctor and wore a holter monitor. I told him I was on TRT and that I thought the testosterone might be the cause since I inject 200mg a week and my levels are really high. He immediately said, “Nope, the TRT isn’t causing this”. He told me to drink more Gatorade because my electrolytes were way off. It turns out, he was right. I drink 2 Gatorade zero’s a day now and my heart palipitations have completely gone away. PVC’s have a lot to do with hydration and electrolytes. Water apparently isn’t enough on it’s own.