Daily Injection and T-Cream Questions

For those on daily injections:

  1. Where do you normally inject?
  2. Do you find a difference between SubQ vs.Intramuscular injections in how you feel?
  3. Has anyone on daily injections tried the daily compounded T-cream for a like-for-like comparison of effect (energy, muscle gain, libido, etc.).

I’m 43 and been on TRT for the last 1.5 years (testosterone only, nothing else) under the care of an Endo at 100-120mg/week (bi-weekly injections), and had decent energy and lots of muscle gain with perfect lab numbers but zero libido (literally zero). I’m very healthy and lean otherwise (ex-athlete), self-inject my TRT intramuscular, and moved to daily injections from bi-weekly about 4 weeks ago and found a huge difference in energy, reduced bloating, better mood, etc. and am hoping my libido comes around at some point. I have 200mg/week of test prescribed to me so can go anywhere within the range but figured I’d stay at 100-120mg/week before trying a higher dose (on daily injections).

My last question above on the compounded T-cream relates to some positive feedback I’ve read around the net about increased libido (for those that can absorb it) from the DHT boost. Daily injections compared to daily cream application would control for dosing frequency, which as many are finding can make a big difference. This is versus those who are on weekly/bi-weekly injections and switch to daily cream application and see a benefit, but theoretically don’t know if its just the daily dosing that did the trick instead of the different transmission mechanism (topical cream vs. intra-muscular injection).

So you inject like 15mg daily im or subq?

Currently inject around 15mg intramuscular using 27g needle. I’ve never tried subq. Also not sure if there are any muscle damage concerns with pinning 365 days/year intramuscular (ie. is that broscience or real science?) and therefore is subq a better idea?

With that small of a needle you can safely do daily IM or daily SubQ without issue. With SubQ there is zero risk of scar tissue. With IM, try to use as many injection sites as you’re comfortable with. I know guys using 27 gauge 1/2" and using delts exclusively for years without issue.

In regards to one vs the other, the literature states they are both equally effective. However, I’ve known guys to do significantly better with SubQ than IM and others that did better with IM over SubQ. Some by feel and some with demonstrated improvements in serum levels. It’s just one of those things you need to try out. Others will stick to a specific method out of preference.

In regards to the cream, some enjoy the benefit of the boost in DHT. Others don’t feel as good with elevated DHT. Again, one of those things you need to try for yourself and see. Cream is ideally applied twice daily whereas some guys do well with twice weekly injections. You need to think about how Type A you are to do the cream consistently and avoid the 4 hour no contact window. Some guys have no issue doing this and others find it to be a pain. Again, all boils down to preference.

I inject (5-7mg daily) 29 gauge insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads.

SQ was terrible, it felt like the entire injection converted straight over to estrogen, days later it felt as though I missed a couple of T injections.

T creams while they are more ideal for some men, T cream isn’t good for everyone. The injectable T is the most effective TRT option.

Great feedback, thank you both. I’ve been reading and following you for some time and you have been very helpful in figuring this out.