Daily gH or Long Acting?

Currently, I’m on 0.4mg (1.2 iu) norditropin daily. However, I have been presented with the opportunity to take weekly injections of Somapacitan instead. It’s a fairly new drug that reduces the required injection intervals for people with gH deficiencies from daily to weekly. Though, I don’t know how to feel about this one.

Anybody hear about this in the BB world?

If given the chance, would you take daily injections or weekly injections?

It’s just so new (2 years or so, but newly offered here) that I don’t know how I should feel about it since I’ve been pinning daily for years~ now.

New drug: Somapacitan - Wikipedia

Doctor reduced me to 0.3mg because of a spike in gH on one test, but still persisted to change the medicine to weekly dosing of this longer lasting gH.

I didn’t like changing because of one test – that was conducted under different circumstances of other tests – and not really digging the once weekly shots, unless anyone has any input on that to say otherwise.

I’m on UGL hGH, daily (5 days a week) at around 1.5 iu. I was taking 3iu three times a week but felt a lot of lethargy in the mornings (possibly a bit of carpal tunnel too). If I could get a once a week version I would definitely give it a go.
Personally I feel good doing things daily, feels like I’m really doing something, maybe in more control? But it does get old quickly especially when I look at the used syringes or forget to jab myself so have to get out of bed in the evenings (maybe that’s just lethargy in the evenings too!)

If I could ask when on the dailies was there a time you were recommended to take it? I’ve read a few places saying about an hour before bed but seen conflicting advice about after eating. Some sites say wait at least an hour or more but another says it doesn’t really matter due to the time it takes to start working.
It would also be interesting to hear your thoughts on your new weekly protocol after a few months.

I take it before bed every night. It’s become routine over the years, so I never forget it. I have wanted to try and split it in the morning and evening to see if there’s any difference in visceral fat loss, but needles are such a hot topic in Japan, I could never get to asking my doctor for a double kit.

I have a script, so mine is pharma-grade. My doctor is weird though, in that, he keeps bouncing the dose with 1 blood test of the month. I was on 0.4mg (1.2iu) and then got a startling 436 (2x as much as the high) so he knocked me down to 0.3mg (0.9iu). I suspect my high-dose biotin regimen caused that spike after doing research and I am staying at 0.4…

I stayed in a hospital for two weeks on their diet and I constantly came in below the low for my age range. Not too low, nothing to be startled about (a couple points), except they said perhaps diabetes in the future if it doesn’t stay in control/normal. Since on 0.35mg, 0.3, 0.4mg, doses, I’ve always scored in the high to over high (never 2x as high which was weird) on a blood test done in the afternoon after injecting about 12 hours prior (11PM-1AM).

I wanted to play with dosing up to 3iu per day and see what happens, but this is a pretty expensive drug and I don’t think my doctor will give me $5000 worth of medicine per month (it’s already like $2000).

I’m just suspicious about the weekly dose medicine as it was only tested on 300 people and it doesn’t look like it did any better than daily. In fact, it looks like it did worse. I suspect my doctor is suggesting it because 1) Japan has national health care and the pharma company behind this is pushing it, or more likely 2) it can be administered weekly while in the office so I don’t have control over dosing and they can babysit me on it just like they are testosterone (needles are illegal here so I cannot get TRT done at home). In the second case, my doctor can keep dosing it down and down as I’m in range until I am at “normal”, which would be alright, but I still want to have an “advantage” with taking some as I suspect it tosses me over high for the night in recovery phase.

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