Daily Fluctuations of Estrogen

I came across this thread:

And it got me thinking.

First, if Testosterone levels cycle throughout the day with the low point being mid-day, how do estrogen levels fluctuate? Since “estrogen follows testosterone”, would the curve in the link above undergo a horizontal shift to the right? If so by how much (i.e. how long would it take for estrogen to follow testosterone on average)?

The reason I’m asking this is partly out of curiosity but also because I’m wondering if based on this, there would be an optimal time of day to take Nolva or AI during PCT?

I’m thinking that it probably doesn’t matter due to the half-life of the anti-E drugs but still something tells me that it could be beneficial for a spike of anti-E to coincide with the daily spike in T to avoid conversion (in the case of AI) and to coincide with the daily spike in E to protect E sensitive tissues (in the case of Nolva)…

Any thoughts?

The half life of AI’s and SERM’s is long enough that is does not matter.

Since we generally dose both once a day, and the halflife of many AI is about 2 days, and SERM’s is somewhere around 2 weeks…

The levels will be quite stable in either case, so timing for “spikes” would be nearly useless.

Your thinking too hard in this case.