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Daily Farmer Carry with KB

Anyone ever try this ? Im doing 100 pound kb in each hand for 150 feet 4 to 5 times a day coupled with some very basic assistance work.


Why not ? Curious to see the results

What results are you expecting and how will you tell if you get them?

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The results of doing the same exercise with the same weight for the same volume and the same intensity will be that you get very good at doing that exercise with that weight for that volume at that intensity.

It’s kinda why knowing why you’re training is important. The goal influences the training parameters. Figuring out if you want fat loss, improved work capacity, or core/grip strength will affect the input you get.

Right now, the plan you wrote would be good for some very general daily “activity”, spending a few minutes a few times a day getting fresh air and getting the blood flowing. You’ll adapt relatively quickly and the sessions will get very easy, very soon.

Appreciate the response. My grip has strengthened tremendously already, but I think I’m going to change course here as it’s a bit much on my lower back.

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Building work capacity and monstrous traps I’m hoping. Ha

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Throughout the summer, after my runs I would take a 60# KB and walk 100m one handed, then switch and walk back - would do 3-5 ‘reps’ with each hand with about 1 minute rest. I was running 2-3 times per week, and those were the only days I did it. Felt improvements in my core, and saw improvement in grip strength (always been one of my weakest points).

Core - I was feeling muscles light up that I’d never really felt before - not the lumbars, but what I’m guessing were deep ‘rear oblique’ support muscles. I had a nagging ‘spot’ in my lower back, offset to the right a few inches. I would feel it start to spasm sometimes when doing lower body lifts or when picking up something heavy, and then actually tweaked it prior to starting this. I got busy over the last couple months and haven’t done it (bought a house and moved), but I’m planning on getting back into it soon.

Grip - One of my staple movements is snatch grip high pulls from the safety pins at about knee height. In the past, once I got past about 205 or 215, I’d have to put on wraps. I could move the weight still, but I was concentrating more on not losing the bar than I was the actual movement. After doing these for a few weeks and not doing high pulls during that time, when I jumped back into them I got all the way to 235 or 245 before I needed the wraps.

@marine77, if you’re looking to build traps the best thing that ever helped mine was the above-mentioned high pulls. Did way more than shrugs ever have, at least for me. Thibs has multiple articles on here about this move (which is where I got it from).

Look at some of Dan John’s work, he’s big on carries. With carries he always recommends switching it up all the time so you don’t just get used to the same movement:

I follow Dan. Solid advice. Gonna switch up my carries.

I did high pulls for a long time. Worked up to 250 for a double. Got 180 for 20. They worked. Just like trying new protocols.

I’ve been reading more about Pavel’s and Dan John’s training methods. Especially Pavel lately, which also aligns with Dan John’s Easy Strength. What is brought up there is the training method of doing something continually until you pass through a full spectrum of:

  1. Very challenging
  2. Doable
  3. Easy
    And even once it’s easy, really own it so you can do it perfectly each time. Then, take a large jump in weights (no little plates) and go through the process again. While this would be a very “ultra minimalist” program with only one thing in the OP’s case (just carries), this is the progress prescribed by Pavel in Simple and Sinister where you do 100 swings and 10 Turkish Get ups each day. At first it seems impossible to do with a given weight, and then it’s suddenly OK I can do this, and then it’s automatic. Don’t rush to the next weight, but really own that weight. Then go up by 8 KG’s (nearly 20 lbs) and start the process again.
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Awesome and thanks for that. I follow both but wasn’t familiar with that approach.