Daily Exercise Routine

Hey, it works for me. Don’t try to break my balls!

Hi all.
Soooo, after some very long, drawn out disability interruptions, I’ve FINALLY got myself into an exercise routine. I’ll not call it ‘lifting,’ cause it’s not - it’s daily exercise that utilizes resistance movements.

Example of daily workout:
Hack squat
Ham curls
Shoulder press variations
Curl and triceps variations

Weights used are LIGHT. E.g., 4x10 bench using 95-135lbs. Dumbbells no more than 35lbs for flyes, 25 for arms, etc.

My goal? — simply to be of a strength appropriate for age 52 man who gives a shit and not a couch potato.
To look and feel better is being acccomplished. While sick, I added body fat….27lbs of it is gone, probly 28 to go. I’m 6’2” at 258 presently, and know from personal history 220 feels really damn good. 189 is six pack weight but hey, let’s not be silly…yet.

Fact is, the routinr I’m doing 6-7 days a week feels really damn good, muscles are headed back towards tight, strength is improving, and with tennis, aerobic capacity is improving. I wake up, consume something, go exercise

I figure this ain’t bad for a totally disabled veteran my age, and am quite pleased with how things are going esp. since my body was simply unable to do much at all last 2-3 years. Hell, at this point, based on physical limitations out of my control, even 50 push-ups, sit-ups, and a 0.5 mi. walk is hella good compared to past 3 years.

I’m asking no advice or input. Just wanted to share, and maybe another man sees this n thinks, “yeh, it’s ok to exercise within my body’s parameters - I don’t have to have a 800+ power lift total.”

Improvise, adapt, overcome. Just never ever give up. Persevere. If we don’t persevere, then what - quit, give up, die. Not I. I will not go gently into that good night…

Ya feel me?!

Ya all take care. Be courageous when u r scared, and be strong when u feel weak, humble when victorious (paraphrased from~my The Valhalla Project t-shirt, helping fight veteran suicide)

Over & Out!


Be better today than you were yesterday and better tomorrow than you are today.