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Daily Diet for an Ectomorph

  1. 3 scrambled eggs
    half cup of almonds
    large class of orange juice
    1 apple
    1 clemontine

  2. 2 yogurts
    2 instant oatmeals
    large glass of homoginized milk
    table spoon of peanut butter
    table spoon on honey

  3. chicken breast
    2 cups of lettuce
    large piece of red and green pepper
    2 cheese strings

  4. Cup of rice
    half a bagel with peanut butter
    half can of tuna
    1 glass of homoginized milk

  5. half cup of almonds
    1 apple
    1 cleminitne
    half can of tuna
    1 cup of oats

  6. half cup of egg whites
    2 cheese slices

Anything That im lacking over overdoing? any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated

hats off to everyone who plans everything out like that and follows it for years on end…for me, i just try to get atleast a thousand calories at every meal and enough protein to grow and fibre to keep things kosher down there, hamburgers and chicken wings are staples in this house, oil in everything, peanut butter, cookies, whatever will make me grow

edit-its good that you’re eating more healthy than me, but make sure you get enough protein in, i would personnally try to about double what you’re taking if you can, and again just making sure you’re gaining weight

While eating healthy is definately great- It also makes it difficult to get enough calories in. Loosen up on your diet a little bit. Adding carbs from potatoes, pizza, cookies, juice is ok to a certain extent. Get calories in!


You don’t have to “loosen” your diet to up the kcals. Just add some calorie dense food like healthy oils (fish, olive, nut), nuts and some peanut butter. Maybe throw in some cheese as well.

echelon, how many calories do you take in on an average day eating like that (provided you’ve been eating big like that consistantly for atleast a few months)

You’re probably going to hate yourself because of all the time you spend prepping food. Maybe not, but I’ve found it’s more time efficient to use fewer ingredients per meal.

It looks like it should be enough food. what would be better is if you made sure by looking on the side of the packaging and getting a rough tally of how much calories and protein you’re getting on a daily basis.

The food is healthy and good. People that tell you you need to loosen up your diet and eat more junk are wrong. Usually what they mean is (like echelon pointed out) that you need more calories, and that cookies and heavy cream will help get you there. So will flax oil and avocado though, and you’ll be better for it.

If you want to loosen it up and down throw in some snickers in there though, it probably won’t hurt you too much. Just make sure it’s PWO.

And whole eggs. Don’t fuck around with whites. Even when dieting.

Especially when dieting. Egg yolk is tasty, healthy, and can increase testosterone*.

*In the sense that it contains saturated fat, and saturated fat intake is sometimes a limiting reagent in athletes test production. Particularly in the type of people that don’t eat the yolk.

Thanks for pointing brian and I out Otep but I’m gonna say that YOU’RE WRONG :slight_smile:

When it comes to calories and ectomorphs I’d go with loosening up the diet. There are some ectos who can eat past 4 or even 5 thousand kcals per day and still have a difficult time putting on weight.

While i don’t mean eating a whole pizza and a 2 Liter or a box of Oreos (which would be AWESOME!!), eating more in general is the goal. If you go to a party and there are a couple pizzas on the table and you ARE OR AREN’T hungry- eat some! ( I don’t know a lot of parties that keep milled flax and avocado slices in arms reach)

My point is- eat. If you’re not gaining weight you’re not eating enough PERIOD. Eat clean if you can- but for me I can eat clean and get so stuffed I don’t want to eat another bite!!.. but I can always squeeze in a couple oreos for good measure :wink: I think coach Tate might agree with me - Or maybe I’ve been doin something wrong.

Whatever you decide to do- I’m glad there’s always healthy criticism and differing viewpoints. Good luck!