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Daily Carb & Protein Intake!


Ok guys! so i know i need 2.2g of protein per lb of body weight to build muscle so im 154lb so my daily protein intake sould be about 340g and i get this from my chicken and shakes! but im not sure how much carbs i need! can any one help as i seam to be stuck at 154lb no matter how much i eat and trust me i eat alot! i eat 1kg of chicken a day 3 sweet potatos fruit brown rice veg pluse my shakes! where am i going wrong!


Who told you this? If your not gaining weight your not getting enough calories. It really is that simple.


Before anyone could tell you the amount of carbs you need (in grams) i would suggest you calculate what it takes to maintain your weight.

You then increase your calories by a few hundred to allow you to be above maintenance and gain weight.

Only then could you decide how many grams of carbs you may need by calculating it as a percentage of your total calories.

So lets say it takes you 3500 calories to gain weight, you would want to make atleast 50 % of your diet carbs.

This would be equivalent to atleast 438 grams of carbs.


How about you give us an exact breakdown of what your eating on a daily basis. Just because you say your eating "a lot" doesn't mean your eating as many calories as you need to grow. You do realize that it is ok to also get your calories from fat sources too. If your struggling to eat enough adding a quality source of fats to your diet is the easiest way to jack up your daily calories.

The foods that you listed aren't exactly calorically dense you really can't expect to grow of chicken, sweet potatoes, rice, and vegetables alone. Why don't you replace that kg of chicken with a kg of beef, on top of that add a half dozen eggs and some peanut butter then you should have no problem gaining weight.


Stop eating ONLY chicken and shakes for protein. WTF is with people like you. BEEF. LAMB. EGGS. TURKEY.

And 2.2g per pound? You sure it wasn't 2.3g/lb? I think I heard 2.1g/lb actually.


all you steeroid guys are the same. us regular folks only need 2.05g/lb


It's actually 2lbs per gram

Your welcome


OP has already done this...if you didn't notice, he said in the first post he isn't gaining weight. So his current diet is maintenance lol.