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Daily Carb Intake


I usually attempt to consume most of my carbs around my workouts. I was wondering how essential carbs are for the rest of the day? Do I need to consume carbs at each meal to grow or is protein & fat good enough?

What do some of you eat throughout a typical workout day? And non workout day?


I suggest you search for "carb cycling" at this site.


More carbs in the morning and around workout for me then just fruits and veggies the rest of the day.


There is no generalized answer. I myself follow the AD and only take in around 30g of carbs a day and still grow no problem. Thats the nature of the AD. If your following a more traditional diet then I would eat a decent amount of carbs when trying to put on size.

I honestly think though that people put too much thought into the micronutrient breakdown when trying to gain size. Get enough protein,make sure your getting your EFAs after that eat lots of good nuritious food and judge your progress. If your not gaining,eat more. If you feel like your gaining too much fat,toss in a little cardio.


I think I am a little to carb sensitive. I have made a few good gains. I am just having a problem loosing it around the waist area.


Same here for me.