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Daily Carb/Fat Timing


I'm in a clean bulking phase at the moment and I've been reading a lot of articles on this site regarding carb and fat timing.
I hit the gym at about 4 pm and have not yet consumed my daily fat requirement as I am eating every 2 hours and don't want to mix fats with carbs and generally consume most of my carbs pre /post workout (except breakfast which is 10 eggwhites + 3/4cup oats 3 oz blueberries)

After my PWO shake I eat a carb/protein meal 1 hr later.

I take 10 g of fish oil after breakfast (which breaks the rule of mixing fats with carbs) but I'd like to know if I can get the rest of my daily fat requirements in my last meal of the day to complete my mac ratio. (300g cottage cheese, peanut butter, cocoa and a mixture of good fat. The fats I'm choosing are nat peanut butter,olive oil,flaxseed oil.

Can I take the majority of daily fats in one meal or should I space them out over the day?