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Daily Caloric Usage

Hey everyone

I was wondering if there is a chart/website/obvious average that I don’t know yet telling me around how many calories a person uses a day.

I know the age, metabolism, activity etc…are all variables.

I just wanna be able to have a range to compare my caloric intake to.

I’m 23, work in an office and lift/run 3x a week and I’ve really been getting my diet in check over the last year and moreso this summer because I’ve been cutting down seriously this summer. (Most summers I ‘cut’ but this is how I should have the last few)


I don’t know of a chart, but here’s a website with a very good calculator for an estimate of how much one should consume.

sweet site.

Not sure if I did everything right, its hard to when they limit the protien intake to 20% and you have to keep the carb intake pretty high.

but it said i needed something rediculous like 4,000 calories.

wait, no way; i’m gonna redo it before i post this.

ok, i switched the hip/waist ratio.
now its saying 2840 cals with 850 from fat; not too bad. but the protien is still low @ 142. but i figure i’md 175lbs and wanna get 1.5-2/lb so that would bring me between 260-350 which i have been maintaining the last few months sans issue.

(sidenote: is anyone enough of a diet-dork to use excel like i have been? if so can ya send me what you have, my format is a little sloppy)

I’d suggest using a program like either FitDay or CalorieKing. CalorieKing has a lot of common foods in the database so you just search and enter the quantity, but FitDay tracks vitamin and mineral content as well as all the macros.

I think they both provide weight tracking and charts to show your progress and averages, very useful if you want to pursue something that highly monitored.


right on, thanks alot. that will give me something to do tonight!

i’ll let ya know how it goes.

Eventually you oughta just be able to just take a pretty good guess at how many calories you’re consuming if you’re recorded them in a journal for a long period of time.

Yeah I’m pretty routine throughout the week at work with my food. I basically have two days, a chicken day and a steak day. I got both of them down in excel so its all about keeping myself routine.

Here are my two totals:

Day one: Cal [2916] Carb [96] Pro [317] Fat [140]
Day two: Cal [2616] Carb [149] Pro [ 330] Fat [85]

  • All of the carbs are from apples/bananas/carrots/corn or spinach