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Daily aspirin and age

I read TC’s heart article and was thinking of starting a daily low-dose aspirin regimen. However, I was unclear as to what age you should start doing this. Would it be alright for me to start this at 19?

what the crap are you worried about heart issues for at 19? does it run in your family? do you already have worning signs?
I had some bp issues a few years back (but when I cut out the milk and cut back on the ff cheeses it cleared right up) i did the daily aspirin thing, and i bled like a stuck pig. I did 81mg a day, and it was like i had absolutely no clotting ability.

As long as you don`t have fibromyalgia, you should not be worse taking aspirin daily.

The disadvantage to chronic aspirin use is damage to the stomach lining. This is more than just a minor irritation, since a healthy digestive system is important for long-term health. Even if stomach damage is minimal, I wouldn’t take aspirin at age 19. Instead, I would focus on a heart-healthy diet.

You can get all the protective benefits of aspirin from fish oil, and other benefits as well, without the disadvantage of stomach irritation. Aspirin and fish oil have anti-inflammatory, heart-protective effects through the same mechanism.