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Daily Androsol/Nandrosol cycling

If the body’s natural cycle delivers a peak of testosterone in the morning hours, say 6-10 am, would there be less depression of natural testosterone production if the Androsol/Nandrosol products were cycled to mimic this? For instance, using more sprays in the morning than the afternoon?

How about supplementing the Androsol/Nandrosol applications of equal sprays, morning and afternoon, by adding an oral 4-AD/cyclodextrin product in the morning hours to produce a daily androgen peak?

Androsol and Nandrosol are too long-acting,
if not washed off, to be used as you
suggest. It’s possible that they could
be applied in the morning and then washed
off at 7 PM to get the results you suggest:
unfortunately, 2 of our 3 test subjects
crapped out of the study we were doing and
the third simply didn’t have reliable data.
Turned out the reason is that the salivary
tests used are very sensitive to blood in
the saliva, and apparently he is just prone
to that problem. Very disappointing.