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Daily Amount of Fish Oil to Take


Hey guys. I just went to GNC to get some fish oil, and I settled upon "GNC Fish Body Oils 1000".

Now the package says to take 1-2 daily, but the guy at the store told me to take 1-2 with every meal. How many should I take?

Supplement Facts:

Calories: 10% daily value
Calories from Fat: 10% daily
Total fat: 1g - 2% daily

EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) Omega-3 = 180 mg
DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) Omega-3 = 120 mg


I suggest 10 each day =/

That would give you a gram of EPA/DHA

Mega-dosing Fish oil ftw.


Hey bro, personally I take more than that, but that's a very good question to ponder...

       What are some of the different limits you all have tried with regards to daily amounts of fish oil..omega 3 in particular..??

       We should have a LOT of responses, because we all know how good this stuff is for us, so let's have the stats gentlemen...

        Me: about 4.5gms Omega 3, per day with meals/shakes..12 caps extra strength off brand..


the authors of the articles of this site often cite studies telling about the importance to ingest 2-3 grams of EPA/DHA per day for an athlete.

so yea, i would take around 10 a day.


I hit around 15 caps


With that many pills, you'd be burping fish all day. yuck


I have taken around 12 a day of the cheap walmart crap for the past 4 months and NOT once a fish burp... I ACTUALLY want to experience one...lol...just to see if they are all that bad


I am taking regular fish oil tabs at the moment and NEVER have fish burps (15g+ a day).

Actually, I don't think I've ever had this problem.


18 - 25 including 4-6 flameoput keeps my joints like Butta baby



I've been taking fish oil for years, never had a fish burp.



I am gonna TRY to get one

One of these weeks I am gonna go to walmart, purchase 300 or 400 fish oils and consume them ALL over like a week's time and just see if I get one fish burp. Because I haven't gotten one yet while taking 12-15 a day from there.


At least 10 grams of fish oil.


I've never had fish burps either... but I always take enteric coated caps from walmart. I JUST got some Flameout though, looking forward to start taking it once my current bottle of the regular stuff is gone.


Waterbury has his athletes on 36g a day, i personally take 20g liquid fish oil.


i think about this all the time.

I think that the more hours you spend training, then the more fish oil you need to take.

Training induces alot of turnover of fat within your body. So for your body to maintain a certain concentration of epa/dha intake has to balanceout what your burning off. This is after you build up to the appropriate levels in your body to begin with.

If your training say 5 hours a week, around 5-6 days per week the period of time your body has to devour fatty acids in your blood is huge. What about your size? Whats the rest of your fat intake like? bf%?

So maybe thinking in terms of "doses" is innapropriate. I like berardis method of just ensureing that around ~30% of your fat intake is polys.

Either way, i refuse to drop below 10g. Sometimes i range upto 15-20g but never fall below 10g. Spread out accross my day, eaten with food.

What about combining them with other fats? ive read that the fats in flax are more easily oxidised then fish oils? Maybe if given together the body would have a substrate to utilise INSTEAD of the fish oils. Not all of them, but less then just fish oil intake.


Buy the bottled version. Enjoy.


No fish burps? You guys are fucking lucky. The worst time to get them is when you're in the middle of a heavy set. I almost threw up one time halfway through a rep on decline bench. lol


I'm on 25 a day, have been for a month and its cleared up my niggles as well as my skin.


25 a day? 10 grams a day?

How can you guys afford this? And would taking too many ever hurt you?


I take 4 Flameout and 10-25 walmart fish caps daily. It's not to hard to afford that, the 400 pill container at walmart is under $10. It's the same amount of EPA/DHA as yours too.