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Dailing in My Routine

Hey guys…I’ve been in Iraq for the last 12 months…lifting like a manic :slight_smile:

My team does 5 to 6 missions a week but we get plenty of down time. During the last year I’ve done a westside template and then some Waterbury stuff ( from his book) and had some great gains. I’ve taken the last two weeks off ( home on leave) and am looking to really nail things when I get back.

My goals are total strength, conditioning, and athletic ability. To that end I’m looking for general advice on my routine. I want to keep three or four lifting days per week…full body or westside…I also need to do two two mile runs per week as well as two or three conditioning workouts ( jump rope, barbel complexs, med ball, and agility drills).

Any advice would be great and thanks.