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Daiki Kodama lifts 257.5 (566.5)



Insane little man! :smiley:


Not only did he bench it but it was easy!! How much does this guy weigh? I'm guessing 165 or 181.


If THAT's not inspiring, I don't know what is!


Uhm, isn't anyone going to complain about his arch?



Yeah... I was gonna complain becausse I wish I had an arch like that!!

Fantastic lift.


That arch is ridiculous. I don't like it. It's like a bastardization of benching. But it is neat to see.


Was a correct lift, arch and all. Not like a double jointed back or something, a tight high arch and the lift was full of stability.


He competes in the 75kg class (165lbs)

He has lifted over 200 wilks points in bench alone.. :slight_smile: Amazing fellow!


Let's take off 50 lbs for the arch. Even still is f-ing unbelievable!


I was just making a joke in regards to the thread about Kara Bohigian's bench. Everyone complained that her arch was huge and she barely moved the bar, yet this guy's arch is equally huge. I am not against the arch at all, just thought it was funny one person's arch got ridiculed while another's got ignored.


It's cos she has tits. :stuck_out_tongue:
I think Kara's arch was probably a little more extreme. Plus Kodama kept his feet flat on the floor (but I guess it all depends on what fed you wanna lift in!). I was eqaully impressed with both.


Their arches look about the same to me and Kara has always benched completely flat footed.




Fuck you arch nazis.

He's even flatfooted, you don't get to take a single pound off his bench "because of his arch."

He's stronger than you.

He's got solid benching technique for powerlifting.


Too fucking right.


Great lift!

Did anyone get what weight class he's in?


I agree here. Powerlifting has gotten as ridiculous as bodybuilding. But that lil' dude is strong as Hell, any way you cut it. Impressive.


He lifts in the 75kg - 165lbs division in IPF.


Well, I didn't think Kara's arse was on the bench (which I thought was a requirement). This guy's arse might be on the bench. I watched the clip a few times, but I can't make my mind up.

I, personally, did not make fun of Kara. I agree with the arch/equipment issues that are always brought up, but I also understand that powerlifting is what it is and you do what you have to do within the rules to make the lift.

I'm sure this little dude, without a shirt and using a flat back, could still outbench everyone on this site in his weight class.


Daiki Kodama's PR without a shirt is somewhere between 190-200kgs (418-440lbs). Quite amazing when he weighs as little as he does.. :slightly_smiling:


her arse is off the bench?