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Daft Punk- Impressive


pretty good.



Even gooder.


Love Daft Punk. Hate these things. -_-


Both those vids were pretty good


Well, I hated the songs and they pissed me off.

However, the girls in the first video are smarter than me. 'Cause I'd never figure that sht out


their quads need work


this isnt bad either


Even betterer?


Love these things. Hate Daft Punk. And the first of these was best, the one with the boxheads.


Coincidence? I was watching those vids earlier today (before clicking on this thread) ... not really on the Daft Punk wave but still a good song


thanks, i didn't know they did one more time as well


Daft Punk are one of THE best live acts !
Seen them 8 times <3


No wonder you're so small and weak, you listen to the wrong music ;D



No doubt says the German Death Mettaller :slight_smile:

I will send you a mail soon, up the walls with stuff still training though !

If i dont see you Cephalic i wish you and yours a very merry x-mas.


Same to you, brother.


Old as hell, however daft hands is the original and also awesome: