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Dads in trouble


Yesterday my dad went to the doctors. HE has a cholesterol of 340 and im very affraid that he will develope some kind of cardio vascular disease. HE used to smoke 2.5 packs a day and is trying to quit. Today he only smoked 1.25. I told him this info that CY provided. Is there anything else i should do for him?

? 25-35 grams fiber per day

? 100-300 mg niacin per day

? 6 grams(minimum) fish oil per day for Omega 3?s and try to take in 30-50 grams of monounsaturated fats. (Most food labels will let you know just how much is in each serving. There is really no need to supplement with omega 6?s.)

? 2-3 grams of sterols per day


You should also get him to do some light walking or something like that. Also tell him to cut his intake of animal flesh also. If he needs protien get him some Grow. If you do this with all the extra fish oil supplemetation and fiber like John said I think after a while everything should come back the normal levels.
But you have to get him to quit smoking and to take control of his life!
Here is a site that is into herbal treatments. Lots of good stuff on detoxing the body.


What were his HDL, LDL, and total to HDL ratio levels?

Oat fiber (glucans) lowers cholesterol levels. Eat oatmeal, and oatbran...Cheerios is good too!

Psyllium will help as well. Add some to your oatmeal in the morning.

Make sure his P:S fat levels are good. Avoid high fat dairy, and baked, fried, and hydrogenated fats. Add some high poly safflower oil or some canola oil to salads to balance out fat from animal sources.

Check out the American Heart Association website for a bit more info.. but beware of their common recommendation: Follow the food guide. LAME.