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Daddy...What's That?


OK, so my 3 year old daughter walks right up to me, grabs my crotch and says "Daddy what is this?".

Wow! I said "that's my Penis, and please don't grab it or anyone else's".

"Oh" she says!

I feel as a father you need to be honest and not say it's my pee-pee or something like that. It was quite a shock, but I guess they have to learn sometimes!

A few weeks before this she used to run into the bathroom as I was showering and point and giggle at my gear (we have a glass shower door). I knew she was wondering what was going on there since she and her sister and mommy have the same setup, and mine is different.

Kids do and say the darndest things! What is the most schocking or embarassing thing your children have done?


My friend made the word C|_|nt in scrabble once and he was playing with his older brother and dad! Honest to god true story!


Dr. Drew says you honesty is good, letting your daughter hang out in the bathroom with you while you're showering is bad. Generally after the age of two, some boundaries should be set up.


A guy from work told the story that his young daughter crapped in a display toilet in Sears.

\|/ 3Toes


For the record, the incident happened in the living room.

Our bathroom is a double wide entry without a door from the master bedroom. Hard to keep kids out.

We don't lock or even close our bedroom doors since we moved here 2 years ago.


I thank you for telling her not to grab anybody else's.


You won't be thanking him 15 years from now.


We have three kids 7 and under.
My two year old son walks around saying my
penis while he grabs it then he will try and grab daddy's and his brothers. We teach our kids that only they or a doctor with our permission is allowed to touch their gentials.

Nudity isn't forbidden my kids walk freely in and out while my wife and I are bathing. Our 7 year old is getting into the phase where he wants his privacy and doesn't want to see us anymore but he knows nudity is no big deal. Hell my three kids have a naked booty dance they will whip out some times.


Oh yeah? My 2 year old son will bust in the bathroom as my wife is getting out of the shower and spank her on the butt. Funniest damn thing.


Imitating Daddy, perhaps? hehe..cute!




Having more kids like this around would solve a lot of problems. Congratulations.


Are you saying you are a fan of little children doing naked booty dances? You sicko!


Guilty as charged.


Our 4 year old girl thinks it's fun to sing little songs. For instance, she'll change the words of a song.

"If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" BECOMES: "If you're happy and you know it touch your penis" OR: "If you're happy and you know it touch your labia"

We then get after her for saying those words out of context like that, and she proceeds to laugh hysterically.


When I'm happy and I know it I touch MY penis


Oh, and another one goes like this: Mr. Moon, Mr. Moon, you're out too soon, the sun is still in the sky, go back to bed and cover up you head [she changes this to "cover up your PENIS (or LABIA)"]


Do you ever invite your friends over for the show?

OK, seriously, I hope you temper the "nudity is no big deal" mentality with "don't whip it out in public".


I saw some guy on MTV do that. Pretty obnoxious stuff.


From a young kid's perspective I could probably understand it, especially if they have never been in a store like that. From an adults perspective ie: the guy who probably did it on mtv, well he just wanted attention. They should have jailed his ass.