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Dad Whacks Teen with Crowbar


Now before you go talking about "the dads a pussy blah blah blah" you have to remember its a street fight and in a street fight, nothings fair. Being fair in a street fight might mean you laying on the ground after getting whacked with a crowbar and the other guy walking away laughing.


How do you know if you're a lowlife piece of scum? You have a crow bar on your person and bring your family to a street fight...


He should have brought a .38; it is a street fight after all. All is fair.


If you're not prepared to take it all the way you have no business getting in a street fight. Things can get real ugly real fast and trying to have a sense of honor in a street fight when no one else does can get you maimed or killed.


It's two teenagers fighting in the burbs. It should have been broken up or allowed to conclude between the two. It's not a "street fight". And if you hit my son with a crowbar in the head, you better move to another State under an assumed name. We aint pressing charges, but I'll show the motherfucker how unfair, and unforgiving, life is. Maybe 6 months, a year...shit happens ya know? Houses burn. People get mugged and attacked all the time. It's a tough world.


I like how the woman, in a fit of self righteous indignation, forgets that her son was the other half of this fight.

I also wonder what her response would be if he won?


Seriously- what kind of pond scum drives the family out to a fight in a parking lot?


It just looks like a typical white trash slobberknocker out in the middle of the street on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Hardly the type of streetfight that justifies use of a fucking crowbar to the dome, ESPECIALLY from someone who wasn't even in the actual fight at the time. Like BG said, NOW shit is escalated to the point where multiple people are going to be seriously hurt.

It definitely wasn't necessary to hit the guy with the crowbar. I hope that dad gets what's coming to him, namely some crudely sadistic form of physical and psychological torture. All's fair in a street fight? No, because not all street fights are of the same nature. Just because it actually happens in a street doesn't make it "that" type of street fight. I thought you were better than this, HH.


I like you.


My dad. Seriously.


lol white people


There are rukes to streetfighting. Everyone knows this.

Well, everyone except those who have never seen the streets themselves.

But, in response to the video, the dad will get his. The street has eules and punishment for breaking them.

Its a very effective system.


I hope you have broken the chain! =P


This. While im at it,Ill kill your cat,Ill slit your kids throat,Ill rape your wife and daughter. No MERCY MUTHAFUCKER.

Seriously thought,A crowbar to the head? That kid could've died and over what? A stupid street fight nobody will remember a month later.


X 2
What don't come out in the wash will DEFINITELY come out in the rinse...

It also PERFECTLY illustrates the point that all the new "MMA" styles are great for the octagon, but when you start rolling around trying to do BJJ on the street, this is EXACTLY what will happen 9/10 of the time. In the streets I grew up on, if you go down to the ground, it's over - you're just gonna get stomped by the rest of them (or hit with a crowbar/tire-iron/bat).

Regarding the "family support", while my second step father never drove me to a fight, he made it very clear that if acted like a bitch and backed down from one, HE'D whup my ass when I got home. I remember his words very clearly, "if you're gonna play pussy, you're gonna get fucked". So I wasn't allowed to back down from shit. He was an alcoholic, Vietnam vet, former Marine with some SERIOUS PTSD - a TOTALLY fucked up individual (tough as nails, though).

Aren't stupid, dysfunctional, redneck parents just AWESOME? FML! LOL


If I lost in a street fight back when I was a kid, my father would whack ME in the head, not the other kid.
What's happening to this world we live in ?


Not before I hit him with it. Rights of passage, ya know?


That is why you don't go to the ground in a street fight.


I'm not surprised.


Funny you should say that, the only fight I ever got caught in school for, I was attacked by this kid in the subway after school. The moron had no clue how to fight it was pretty sad, long story short I clocked him square in the nose, broke it, his glasses, and his face was so fucked up the principal thought I had hit him with a pair of brass knuckles. I did my suspension, didn't think there would be any reprocusions he started a fight he lost let's move on. Well down the road his mom tries to get me in trouble with the law, calls and harasses my house etc and my mom finally just said "if your son had won would you be doing this?". Sometimes people just need to get their asses whopped