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Dad Pummels Son's Rival


This guy agreed to referee a fight between his son and another kid. He ends up beating the crap out of the other kid...


Enjoy prison Gary


Guy's a pussy.




Why can't I ever find guys like this? Why can't I ever stumble across the odd wife beater wearing grown man hitting a teenager? What have I done to anger the Gods?! Why do they forsake me and keep me from the games??


I can't watch this shit...I'm sitting here seriously wondering how I'd avoid jail if someone did this to any of my sons. I cannot see any possible way I'd avoid jail.




x 2


I don't even have kids and I would love to punch that guy in the face. People like him should be neutered so they are never allowed to have kids.


I am sure a man of your resources and experience can arrange to make a body disappear?


Agree. Come on, 220 vs ...what? 150 and 20 years younger?
And he was supposed to referee?




According to the report, the kid started talking shit to the 'referee'. You can see him squaring up to that Gary guy just before he gets hit.

The bigger man should've been the bigger man and kids should be seen, not heard.


Ok so I laughed, just due to the insanity.

I fear I would put a bullet in that dude's head if that were my son. Or sick some dogs on him and say "whoops"!


nice ground n pound. i bet GSP wouldn't be able to finish that kid.


It would be so personal, I'd lose any sense of planning and I'd HAVE to get MY hands on him. I know exactly how it would make me feel...I had a moment like this about 3 years ago...guy is on my phone talking shit...threatening me...I said, "where are you right now".

I'd have to go get this guy the moment I knew where he was...damn the consequences.


Guys like that tuck their tail between their legs when a real threat appears.

That dude is like the King of The Cul De Sac.


Father of the year?