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Dad of the Day



Dad finds sexting going on in daughter's phone, plays whiffle ball with it.


The daughter or the phone, cant see video at work.


Calling your daughter a hoe while walking towards her with a baseball bat as she cowers backwards...the white folk in that neighborhood who witnessed this are making arrangements to sell their house as we speak.


The phone.


Dad looks athletic but that is a crappy swing he's got.
Looked kind of like Lewhitehursts little brother.


nice corvette


LOL I was thinking the same thing. He was looking for a homer and kept coming up with dribblers back to the mound.


Seriously. That video would make a great commercial for the durability of the phone.

"This phone is made so well, even an angry black man with a bat can't destroy it!!"


While you are probably right, I for one would be proud to live next to him. Black/White whatever, he has my respect.


Is it just me or is that cul-de-sac the same as the one in "Next Friday"?


Why exactly?

I see nothing wrong with sexting. It can be uncomfortable for a father, but this kind of oppresion is beyond my comprehension.


naw, they called youth services lol


Txtspk is beyond my comprehension, so the fact that the father could decipher and identify it as 'sexting' in the first place makes it doubly impressive.


^ theres a lot wrong with it when your father sees your phone. also kid looked pretty young to be sexting.


That's why I'm glad I have boys - only TWO dicks to worry about! LOL


A daddy proof phone would be ideal for budding sxterz (the 'z' was my own addition just to show I'm down with the kidz).


That girl is way too young for that shit. Oppression? Are you for real? Taking away her cell phone, which I am sure he pays the bill for, is not oppression.


Yes, I am for real. Recording this public humilliation, with a display of violence (against the phone) to teach a lesson is awful parenting, to begin with.

How old is she? I really can't tell from the video (honestly), but I don't see this man the kind that would sit to have a chat about the matter. It seems that destroying stuff with a baseball bat is his strategy.

Doesn't seem to be working so far.


Seems to be working fine, good luck sexting without a cell phone.


In this case, it seems sexting is not the disease, it's a sympton.

If she doesn't do it by phone, she'll do it by mail, facebook or whatever. While having a honest and positive chat may change her point of view. I doubt she'll give up on the matter. It's possible that she'll want it even more, because it's forbidden and that's very tempting.

My neighbour was a very strict father with his daughters, but the boys were super free. The girls were never allowed to go out, dress with skirts, etc.
You know how it ended? One of them pregnant at 17, one married at 16 and the other married and pregnant at 18.

That really worked well.