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'Dad, Did You Ever Think About Taking Steroids?'


Here's the background. My dad is the baddest mothafuckas of all time (no pun intended). Or maybe I've just been raised to believe that because he was the man who whooped my ass on a regular basis until I finally got the point.

After losing his job and finding out that he's got this wonderful hip replacement surgery coming up, he just doesn't have the strength or drive that he used to. Look, I understand that he's getting older and all; that's cool. But 52 isn't that old.

How do I go about telling my dad that he should talk to his doctor about getting a shot of Test every now and again. Has anyone here ever convinced their dad to get prescriptions of Test? How did you do it?


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Bush, is this legally possible in Europe? I mean, are there doctors allowed to spit prescriptions for this? I am almost 100% sure it’s not, but I share the OP’s situation, and already decided I would do it myself when older.
Now if there was a legal way to have access to some kind of TRT, it’s a topic I would also discuss with my dad.


Same situation as me. My dad’s also around 50, and he’s always complaining about this or that, and I just mention a simple shot can fix it all. Eventually he bit, and have gotten from never heard of it, to not considering it, to planning on making an appointment. I bought him some TRIBEX and he loved it.

Be knowledgeable and friendly, he knows he’s getting old, but he may not know anything can be done. Mention something, anything to catch his interest, then explain everything to him, and how much it would help him. Most likely you just need to create a spark, and go from there. Maybe once you talked to him about it, and hes a little more familiar, have him use some Alpha Male or something.

I want my dad to be around for as long as possible, and not turn into some old man who lays in a bed all day with the exception of when the nurse comes to change his diaper. That was a huge motivation for me to talk to him.

This probably all sounds like jibberish, the take home point is you just gotta mention SOMETHING because he probably just has no idea.