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DAA Usage and Feedback?

Alright people,as anyone had any decent gains using DAA?ive just got some but don’t know what to stack it with. Cheers

I’m currently a few days into my second cycle of daa. I know research is far and few between on it. are you taking just straight d-aspartic acid or is it a supplement that just has it in it? I take straight daa, I get ai’s daa, its about 300 grams total, 3 grams per serving. I spent the first week of the first cycle taking 3 grams a day with my pre workout after the first week I doubled it to about 6-7 grams a day, split of course. its pretty solid in my opinion. I out roughly 30 pounds of so on all my lifts during the month I used it. I know Blackstone also has a pure daa product but it has less overall daa compared to the ai muscle one. blackstones is roughly 180 grams total compared to the 300. I didn’t stack it with anything, its just an amino acid technically, its only free testosterone so I didn’t bother with an ai or anything. ive heard of people using fenugreek with it for the first week then dropping it, I did it for the first cycle but this one I just went straight to 6-7 grams a day.

one thing I just learned yesterday is to not use daa with creatine. just don’t stack it with that. long story short it puts holes in your heart… luckily I haven’t used creatine in a longtime. I would just check your pre workout to make sure it doesn’t have any in it

Thanks for the advice,how does it put holes in your heart? I’m stacking it with creatine. I’m sure if that was the case it would be a banned substance.

im not sure, I didn’t ask. I’m in the military I was talking to one of my corpsman, he mentioned it right off the bat and two other people instantly agreed with it. just one of those chemical imbalance things. ill shoot him a text and ask and let you know.

It’s a myth buddy,I’ve been doing some research into it.but yeah ask the question,ask where they got there info from. Cheers

he say holes was an exaggeration but its bad for your heart tissue. I dunno never mind I guess. just food for thought. I tried looking stuff up myself also

Hows your progress far?

I just finished a 30 day cycle of DAA yesterday. I have pre labs and will be taking post labs tomorrow to see if there has been any significant changes in TT and Estrogen levels. I will post all results here next week once I receive them from the doctors office. I know I feel a lot better than I did 30 days ago so hopefully I will get some positive feedback on this testing.

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I have about 2-3 days left of my second cycle, and I can honestly say I feel great when I’m taking it. I’m excited to see actual lab work from it

Blood drawn this morning. Will have results on TT, FT and Estradiol Monday possibly Tuesday if they drag their feet.

Just a little background…
I was diagnosed with low T 4 weeks ago after months of depression like symptoms as well as some ED type issues. It was rather sudden and dont know what the cause or root issue was. Total T was 293 and Free T 67 but Estrogen was non existent meaning not even detectable per the E Serum testing. My goal with DAA was to increase TT to indirectly increase E and avoid TRT for life.

damn, typical t is like a few hundred correct? Im sorry you’ve had to deal with those issues, I hope it works out for you and you find the end state you need! I guess the good thing about daa is that its an amino and naturally increases free T

Most guys are shooting for 500 to 1000 ng/dL on TT. My TT @ 293 is clinically low but my free T falls perfectly mid range. I am 100% convinced my issues are directly caused by crashed estrogen levels. Crashed estrogen levels seem to have identical symptoms as low T. I have to raise my T levels right now to raise my E levels.

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After 4 weeks of DAA treatment the results are less than impressive. I obviously was hoping for much more. Even just a little bit more would have been nice. I will say that the increase in Estradiol has helped a lot and that’s what I needed after all. I don’t think it was related to the DAA though. Im feeling much better but obviously have a long way to go. Total Test went from 293 to 311 and Free Test went from 67 to 75. SHBG went from 20 to 17.

Hmm that is kinda disappointing. I can’t lie though, I did feel pretty good towards the end of the cycle. Maybe its just a mental factor more than anything…

I began to experience Prolactin sides and discontinued DAA. Sides were gone in 3 days. I was taking 3.5g/day in the AM, with 5g Creatine, and 25mg MK677, on an empty stomach, for a couple months before I noticed the sides.