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DAA Test Booster Effect on Blood Results?

Hi all !

I have originally planned to have blood test done tomorrow for my endo to decide if I should be on TRT.
Thing is, I took Primordial Performance Testosterone Conversion Factor-1 during 2 cycles of 12 days recently, my last serving being 10 days ago …
This product is a DAA test booster.

Do you think it will still at this time (10 days after) have an influence on the blood results ?
I don’t want the product to mess with the results. Should I wait one more month ?

Thanks for any advice


I did blood work about 40 days into a cycle of DAA.

DAA did not raise TT, FT or E.

Thanks a lot !

Even LH didn’t change ?

You think that you have low T and are looking for results that will lead to TRT?

I already know I have low T. I just never did TRT and my endo asks for a new blood test to start it

[quote]mike65-2 wrote:
Thanks a lot !

Even LH didn’t change ?[/quote]

I didn’t check LH at the time.