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DAA Questions


There is a lot of back and forth as to what is the best length of time for a DAA cycle, and some even suggest the use of an AI.

Has anyone been able to find solid evidence of cycle lengths or tested out different cycles lengths themselves?

any suggestions on using an AI and what AI may work best?


Just anecdotal information. I stick to 12-14 days on "just in case" and still perceive effects in the first few days, even after over a year of supplementation. I've also never seen the need to supplement with an AI, but I generally have low E levels.


"There is a lot of back and forth" so why would someone's opinion here be any different from what you've already read/heard, or any different, for that matter, from what's already been posted in other threads on this site on said topic? Not to be an ass, just saying... Though, that being said, I would be interested to hear if there is any revelatory "solid evidence."


Lol. There is absolutely -no- reason to use an AI when using DAA.

For maximum benefit, double the dose after 8 weeks (for 8 weeks,) and take Nettle with it, also doubling it up.


Bulletprofftiger- it took you more time to reply to a post you didnt like than to just move on from it.

kgilder- what kind of effects are felt or seen after a few days? ive been using 3000mg for 8 days now and im really not sure if ive noticed anything.

ssc- youre recommending a 16 week cycle of daa? what is the purpose of nettle for ths cycle? i dont really understand the need for it, please explain.

one of the more recent things ive read said best effects with use of daa come after four weeks, any input on this?


Mood and energy, mostly. DAA just gives me a boost, which I especially notice in the mid-late afternoon, when I usually slump. Some people don't respond very well (if at all) to DAA, so don't be surprised if you don't feel anything for the first little while. I'd try finishing off a container of DAA and seeing what kind of results you get versus your typical progress over a similar time period.


Yes I wasted time... and you saved time by not realizing that there are multiple open threads about this very topic. Curious if you've read those and why you didn't post your question in one of those.









thanks for the input

bulletprooftiger- the threads are old. ive already seen them