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DAA: How Much, How Often, Results?


Did a quick search and there hasnt been much talk about this product.

Relatively new product here in Australia if your looking at pure DAA suppliers. Seems to have some decent backing to it but only time will tell I guess.

Anyone used it, how much, how often, how long for? Did you stack it with any other products? Sides?



3.5 grams a day, you can do 4 weeks on 4 off or 12 days on 12 off...It was a decent supp, definitely noticed a few things on it, no negative sides whatsoever, it increases natural test.


I personally did 4 weeks on, 4 off, I didn't notice too much besides a lot more boners, an I am not even playing.

I was gaining before taking it, gained on it and am still gaining now, so I didn't see anything dramatic as far as strength and size gains when using it, but hey I'll take some extra testosterone anyday.


Random boners indeed. I noticed them in as little as 2 days. "Volume" also increased a bit.

In the study linked below, 87% of participants had significantly increased testosterone after 12 days. This stuff could prove to be huge, caveat lector - side effects are largely unknown.

Dr. Ziegenfuss discusses it below, although I'm not sure I follow his logic on the acute response thing, since the study showed that test levels followed LH increases, and LH was elevated the whole time. Test even increase up to 3 days after treatment... "since the ingested D-Asp also still remains accumulated significantly in the testes 3 days after D-Asp suspension of treatment (this study), we deduce that the persistent increase of testosterone in rat blood is due to the accumulation of D-Asp that persists leading to stimulated testosterone production." Without further ado, here's what Dr. Z had to say:

Biotest hopefully will hit the nail on the head when they release this one. One of the keys will be how they incorporate this into a "master program" like the ANACONDA Protocol, and also is it better to take this in the AM, noon, or PM, and what should be the timing of training around this, etc.


It's cheap as fuck and you can add Biotest flavoring to make it less sour when you drink it. Plus it works great in my experience.



Apologies though I wasnt aware of the other thread. Ud think the search function would have picked it up but it didnt, so I didnt even check the home page of supps and nutrition.

Im going to give it a go starting today. Then in a weeks time im going to add in ALRi's restore and see if stacking these two products illicit any greater results :slightly_smiling:

Ill keep ppl posted!


I think I may do another cycle starting today myself.


Why are you cycling off it for a whole month?


my question is, does this stuff require an AI, especially those prone to the side effects of high estrogen to test ratio, i.e. gyno?


I highly doubt it. You are not introducing "outside" testosterone, so your body should be more then able to handle it (only 40% higher then baseline) IF you cycle 12 days on, then take 12 off. If you organize it like that, then you should have no need to take an AI. Rez-V would probably be worthwhile. I'd love to see some blood work on someone who took 3 grams daily DAA with a full serving of Rez-V for 2 weeks on.


When is the recommended time of the day to take it?


I guess that's too long? I thought that's what dirty_gerdy recommended I think he did 8 on 4 off but I was also going by what a few other people were doing that I knew. Maybe this time I'll try the 12 on 12 off, or 4 on 12 off or something.

Rocky, I know people who were using it in the Am, I took it right before bed. IMO it doesn't really matter.


AM makes the most sense to me because that's when your levels are supposed to peak. So IF there is an acute response then this would be advisable. If there is no acute response then I agree with you austin.

I think 12 weeks is too long. I would personally do a short duration cycle and then take a break, sort of akin to the "blast and cruise" type of approach. There's probably a better analogy then blast and cruise but I think you get my drift. 12 (days) on 12 off would be pretty good, but 2 weeks would be pretty much the same and easier to remember


He meant 12 days.

I think 1 or 2 days off of it per week is fine.

But honestly this supplement is promsing but a 40% increase in T is going to be barely noticeable. Its more of a general male wellness supplement IMO. Not a new muscle building breakthrough. Yes, Ive used it.


Yes, I was talking 12 days, makes sense guys.


Well I found some online, and as it's fairly inexpensive I figured I'd give it a try. If only I could get blood work done before and after to see if the studies are true.

I agree with the statement of it's more of a "general male wellness supplement", from what I've read at least.


Take my word for it, a friend of mine did get blood work done before and after, and he had a a big boost in his natural test.


I took 3 grams, 30 minutes preworkout, Mon-Fri (weekends off), for 9 weeks.

The first week I had some of the best workouts of my life. The DAA definitely provided an aggressive energy. Libido was very high, though I was also taking resveratrol and an herbal T-booster (AM and PM).

Over time, the effects were less noticeable, and by week 8 I was feeling like crap before workouts. Libido was also way down. I eliminated some other stuff I was taking before I realized it was probably the DAA.

I've been off for a week and workouts and libido have improved. I would recommend - and will follow myself - a 2 week on/2 week off cycle if taken everyday, or a 4 week on/2 week off cycle if taken 5 days on, 2 days off.

I would also recommend trying it preworkout as I think you'll really like the effects.


You think if I ran the stuff for 6 weeks straight that an AI would be recommended. I'm paranoid because I experienced "idiopathic" gyno about 10 months ago. Wasn't taking anything hormonal, let myself get pretty fat while big bulking 20-25%, and started getting sensitive nipples which ended up turning into small, permanent lumps. I don't want this stuff to flare up again, because the sensitivity is gone and the growth has stopped but they're still there and won't go away unless I have them surgically removed.

I have legit pharma tamoxifen, and research chem anastrozole so I could possibly use either of these in combination or at the end of a DAA cycle.

I don't want to try the adex though, unless I get some blood work done however. I guess if I ended up experiencing gyno symptoms, I could just front load tamoxifen and taper off it?

BONEZ, what do you think about this?


No need for a pharmaceutical AI. At all.

I mean there are legit reasons to use an AI to keep E2 low normal all the time but you arent going to get gyno from DAA