DAA + DHT I + AI ?

Hello first of all let me say im from Mexico, sorry if my english is not that good.

my problem is, that i have gyno, so i went to the doc, he told me i have high estrogen levels, witch explains my gyno, and also for my weight gain in the middle section especially, and he recomended i take supplements to make more testosterone, i researched a little bit, and found D Aspartic Acid, wich help in that regard, but i alo found that i have to take it with an Aromastase inhibitor, due to high estrogen would get higher, but the thing im confused is the DHT wich also causes problems and benefits (witch one is more worth it?), like baldness (witch i allready have hereditary) and prostate cancer and growth, better energy, better sex drive, more manly feeling, so i now i dont know what to take, i have been searching in the forums for some answers but many says about the DAA and AI nothing about the DHT witch causes some problems too.

Any help would be appreciated, i have been doing some excercise (cardio and weights) but to no results against the gyno, also i have just started to feed correctly, as the doc said, but he still recomended i take testosterone sup.

More testosterone will drive your estrogen levels higher. You should look into either natural ways of suppressing estrogen, or chemical through the use of an AI like aromasin, arimedex, or letrozole. Also, not sure if it is still “bro-science” or if scientific studies have been done, but lowering your overall body fat percentage has always helped lower my estrogen levels.

Also, fwiw, gyno is really only “treatable” for a short period of time. After that you will need to either live with it, and reduce you bf% to minimize, or have surgery to remove it.

Why isn’t the doctor prescribing hormone therapy?

Considering legalities in Mexico, cruise the steroid board for info on estrogen suppressors and hit up a glorious pharmacia.

If you’re looking in to the “natural” route, research diindolmethane (sp?), calcium d-glucarate and zinc.

Or find a better doctor who will give you the correct treatment.

Probably the best thing you could do.

This story is hard to believe…

You have high estrogen levels and your doctor was like, “pshh, take a test-booster, you’ll be fine.”

the thing is the doc i went too is my ucle, he did told me to go to another doc (he said something that he cant prescribe to family, just test, for some legal reasons, he didint really told me why, like avoiding the subject, but gave me a contact) and get the prescription for it, but he also said i could get them online, oviously the safest one is to go to another doc wich im gonna do but i just wanted to see what other guys in this kind of toppic and maybe with some exp with it think.

Txs for the opinions