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DAA + Alpha Male?

Just looking for opinions/suggestions. Would this be worth a try or might it be potentially stupid/dangerous? If you would try it how would you use these two products togetther, cycle and dosage etc.?

They would likely have a synergistic effect. I see no reason that it would be dangerous. Neither of them are, and they should have no negative effects when combined.

I was expecting a synergistic effect so its good to know that some one agrees with that assumption. I plan on giving this a try in about one week and will post my results over the next month. I expect a significant libido effect and an increase in sense of well being. I also plan on reporting any changes in body comp and strength etc.

You could wait a bit… I think I remember reading something about a reformulated Alpha Male and I think of heard rumors of daa being included

i think it was reformulated TRIBEX Gold.