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Da Pain...

I was feeling really pumped for my leg workout last night. Warmed up well and went heavy. Loaded 32 wheels on the leg press (all that it can hold) and went at it. First set felt great. Full reps, strength great. Ten good reps. Second set, all is well till about the 7th rep, when I feel a twinge in the groin area of my left leg. Got up, stretched and decided “what the hell, can’t stop now.” Wish I had. By the fourth rep of the third set something is definitely wrong. I quit and decide to go on to squats. Load to 405 to start. Get half way down and realize I can’t get down to past parrallel. I stop at six and decide to move on to leg ext. No pain here. I rep out for 3 sets and move on to hams and calves. Stretch out the legs good when I get home and settle in for the night. In the middle of the night…wham! I am woke by a stabbing pain in my left groin. Every time I start to roll over or do anything that involves the groin muscle, extreme pain. Today I can walk fairly normal, but cannot even attempt to jog or run. Cannot cross my legs, and damn near had to get my wife to help me put on my socks and underwear. What can I do? I have never pulled or strained a groin before and I can see it completly screwing up my training. Can anyone give me tips to help speed up the recovery of a groin? Are there any good sources for groin rehab info?

Jeaton, there’s no magic answer for this one. I pulled my groin pretty badly two and 1/2 years ago playing football, and it affected me for six or eight months; in the sack, in the gym - everywhere important. Didn’t quit working out but had to train around it. Here’s what I did that made the biggest difference, but you have to have a chiropractor you really trust to do this: have ART (Active Release Therapy) on your groin. I did so, and it’s hugely helpful, but also painful and like I said, if you don’t have a close relationship to your practitioner, it’ll be embarassing (I do to mine, and she did a great job).

Thanks for the input John. Yeah, I was pretty sure I was in for a potentially slow recovery. I’m stretching it out daily and gingerly working on range of motion. I have yet to find an ART practicer in my area (middle Tennessee), but I do have a Rolfer that I see (Structural Integration.) I’ll work around as best I can in the meantime. Thanks again for the input.

I don’t mean to offend a hurt brother, but don’t you think that 1500 lbs on the leg press is a bit excessive? I mean, I’m sure you have big legs and all, but couldn’t you get a great leg workout with say 800, going nice and slow and for more reps? Also, I really hope that you did some warmup sets on the squat before you picked up the 405. I know 900 lb squatters who warm up with 135 or less. I know this is a bit late for you, but when you’re able to work out again, take these things into account.

Groin injuries take a longtime to heal…best bet is R.I.C.E…Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation…2 times a day. Got to stop your leg training (Rest), Ice for at least 15 minutes 2 times a day, Compression to keep any swelling down, and elevate the area above your heart…this will speed blood flow from the area, reduce sweelling and speed healing

Actually, although technically it is 1500 lbs plus with the carriage, the 45 degree slant of the leg press makes it functionally less. I warmed up with 5 total sets befor going heavy on the leg press. Looking for a change, I have been following the Max OT workout program promoted by Skip LeCour and the boys at AST. My problem is, to stay within the 4-6 rep range suggested, I have to use a tremendous amount of weight for legs. I am just average or a little above when it comes to chest and shoulders, but I do seem to be genetically gifted in the strength dept. on legs and back. I am re examining the routine now to see what changes I may need to make. Thanks for everyones input.