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DA Makes Sexual Function Worse Within Hours

I finally received quinagolide (another DA like cabergoline) from Canada and took a quarter tablet the last couple nights to see how I feel.

well it’s been subtle nausea, dizziness, and this mental fog. And worst of all, NO libido. It’s not placebo - caber always made music sound better, so I was convinced this weaker drug would do that and push my prolactin down just enough. I was dead set on success.

This is not unlike how cabergoline went for me. Made things worse.

Im shocked that 18mcg of quinagolide could bottom out my prolactin. Normal dose is 75-150.

anyone else have caber or bromo make things instantly worse? Already skating on thin sexual ice lately so I don’t really have a couple of months to try it and see if I adapt and improve.

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