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Da Hulk!

Hey, just caught this:
"As for Avi Arad’s phone call today, they’ve screened the film for Universal’s executives as it is right now, and there was silence in the room for several minutes. They were stunned. This has far more beauty and poetry and poignancy and soul than we were expecting from the property. Avi told me that visually, that Ang has taken specific moments and panels from the history of the Hulk and given them a moving life he never really dreamt of. This is a film of loud moments, large moments, quiet ones and little ones. There are human beings in this movie trapped in a tragedy beyond their control. With forces that they can?t command. It has the potential to be a truly great film, not just a great comic book movie. In a strange way, it felt a bit like STARMAN to me? not sure why, it isn?t that story, but it had that sort of weight to it. "

**Can you say “ggaaa…ohmygawd…”? Whoa. Heavy whoa. I’m thinking that trailer we all saw ain’t nuthin’.

AND just also read that Keifer Sutherland is a “shoe-in” as “Ghostrider”. You know, I’m actually thinking that’ll be a good choice. Especially after his sensational turn in “24”. One more thing: Leo DiCaprio is the next choice (if Tom Cruise passes - which I think he may) as “Tony Stark” aka, “Ironman”. Can you say “eeeeeeekkkkk”?

Besides that one minor glitch, I have to say, Marvel is doin’ a good job. I had heard, from another fanboy, that Marvel was now in “over exposure” mode. I don’t think so. What I’ve been amazed at is how varied each Marvel comic book film has been. “Blade” and “Blade 2” was pure gothic vampire slayage; “Spider-Man” was pure comic book geek fun; “X-Men” dealt with social issues (discrimination), “Daredevil” was a personal issue of torment, revenge; and “The Hulk” will be dealing with one man’s inner demons. I like and completely enjoy what Marvel has been doing up on the big screen. Thoughts?

I think the comic book super hero theme is getting worn to death. Just my opinion, but it seems like too much too fast. I think Eric Bana was a good choice for the lead, as he displayed his talents in Black Hawk Down. It certainly surprised me. I have high hopes for this film, since it is a childhood favorite of mine. Images of the green Lou Ferrigno run through my head and I get anxious already!

I hope Tom Cruise doesn’t pass for “Tony Stark” Can’t see Dicapro as “Tony Stark” I agree w/ patricia “eeeeeekkkk”

The trailer looks like a 'roided up Shrek. Silly.

All I can say is it’s about time! I have always been a Marvel superhero fan. I had quite a nice comic collection going at one point when Todd McFarlane was doing artwork for Amazing Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk, Spawn and others.

I’m loving the X-men movies, Spider-Man and now the Hulk! I want to see more of the great Marvel comics made into movies. And having them follow the comic books is what makes them great. I’m looking forward to it.

Hmmm…maybe I’ll be a superhero this year for Halloween. Guess I should start working on my costume ideas. Spider-Man? An X-man? The possibilities are endless!

I am with doogie, the CG for The Hulk look really bad. The scene where he is throwing the tank looks waaaaay too cartoonish.

However, I will say I am geeked to see all these comics being made into movies. Some great stories are written in comic books. X-Men alone would make a great movie franchise (Phoenix saga, Apocolypse, the Sentinals, etc.). It would be awesome. They did a huge 7 (?) movie series of The Planet of the Apes, it would be sweet if they did something like that with the X-Men (except not letting the series get sucky after the first movie or two).

I was a big DC fan, too. Especially in the mid-90s, DC wrote some really good stories that would make great movies (Death of Superman (except they could modify the post Superman era, so that it wasn’t so corny), Batman with the broken back, Aquaman got very good for a while, etc.).

And since there is talk of a “Captain America” live action flick - to make up for that piece of trash that was made some years ago - I thought I’d throw in my idea of a perfect “Cap”: Neal McDonough.

Currently can be seen in “Boomtown” a excellent series on NBC. I first spotted him in “Star Trek: First Contact” as Lt. Hawk. Always thought this guy had presence. And then saw him in “Minority Report” (also been in “Ravenous” and “Band of Brothers”). He’s a good actor and I think he’d be a perfect choice. Just thinking out loud.

Oh, and if you wanna catch 45 seconds of X2, go here: