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Da Freak and Thib are Gone...

Yep… They left at noon today…

Okay, relax. They’re not dead: They’ve just just gone from their home to where Freak’s show is held tomorrow night: Sherbrooke.

I’m sure he’s thinking about all of you people when he’ll try to catch some sleep before waking up tomorrow.

Since Da Freak’s probably gonna read this in about a week’s time (when he gets out of his waffle and french fries eating frenzy) this is for ya big guy: Whatever the outcome Freak, I raise by Bud Light to ya. Right now.

Okay, drama over. Now go kill 'em man!

agreed…no matter the placing, da freak put in 100%. Very impressive.

go get them!!!

Honestly, I have a friend that was in a body building comp and I saw a ton of the guys there…they had nothing on this Freak. I think he will place VERY highly.

I don’t care where he places. We’ve all followed his progress and know the hard work he’s put in. He looked fantastic in the last pics, and I’m sure he’ll be looking even better on the day of the competition. I’d like to congratulate him for the work, the determination, and for sharing it all with us; it’s not every day you get to follow a bodybuilder through his training and eating, and have him answer all your questions. Thanks Freak! You’re a winner in my book. (And thanks also to Christian for sharing his training secrets.)

I hope Thibs takes some good pics so TC can put one up as a powerful image. Cos I’m sure it will be.


[quote]machineshop wrote:
GET’R DONE!!![/quote]

I believe you mean “Git’R done”.
You are hereby sentenced to watching The Blue Collar Comedy Tour no less than three times, and spending at least one weekend down in Appalachia.


Sebastien “Da Freak” Cossette has won the light-heavyweight class (hope I haven’t screwed around weight classes) and…


I just can’t wait for the pics! The guy not only was in tip-top shape, but he didn’t even look like he had been dieting for 8 weeks. He said he slept well, took it easy and just focused. He was in a pretty good mood, seemed full of energy and really seemed to feel good.

I’ve seen him pump up backstage, and the most amazing thing to see was (guess what…) his back. He did rows with thick rubber bands, and the goddamn CRACK between his trapezius muscle when his arms were pulled all the way back made it look like there was an ax jammed in there seconds before!

Thib said they hadn’t done anything drastic and this is probably why DaFreak was in such good condition. I’m not too much of a specialist in 48-hours pre-contest prep, but Christian sure did have a good solid proof to demonstrate his premise!

Get this people… If I recall, both have talked about doing the provincial championship next year (equivalent of a state championship).

Make up your own scenarios about that one…!

Congrats man, just another testament to hard work paying off!