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Da Beach!

its well over 90 degs here, and everybody is frying temselves at the beach. in Israel the beach is jam packed at weekends.

I love living near the sea, time to show off my new BF.

One thing here we have this game, we play with wooden rackets(sp?) at the beach, called “matka”. the game has no points, no obvious goal and one of the stupidest I ever saw. the game is conducted by passing a tiny (2’’) rubber ball at great speeds using the racket. a usual session can take an hour an the noise is horibble. you cant walk by or youll get hit by a flying ball.

rather build castles.

Here is a recipe for a something good:

Marrocan jewish fast hot salad

this salad is called fast because if you eat it to slow you can’t eat it. goes great with meat.

4 cloves of fresh garlic
4 large bell peppers (of all colors)
1-3 spicey middle-eastern green peppers
3 tomatoes
optional - some (half a cup) minced cabbage.
lemon juice
olive oil
salt and pepper

its key that you pick good tomatoes. how to? you need tomatoes with green spots, 1-3 green spots. the best tomatoes are in the summer btw.

put all the peppers in the oven (or on the grill and roast them till they change collor. peel tham, shred tham, take out the pepper seeds unless you want to shit fire, mince the tomatoes, add together in a bowl (with the cabbage), add the oil and seasoning, and there you go!