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D.U.M.B.s (Ever Heard of These?)


Deeply Underground Military Bases

"Philip Schneider was a engineer who worked for the US government and in the last few years of his life revealed many secrets about what has being covered up. As a result he was murdered for this in 1996."


These do exist, it is a fact.


Nothing new, they date back to the NORAD defense days and maybe before that. Did anyone notice the non-US license plates on the cars at the 3:38 mark? So just not in the US either. Basically, when the shit comes down (if it ever does) we are all on our own, get over it now.



For those who've read H.G. Wells:

It'd be interesting to have a time machine, come back in a few hundred thousand years, and see if we became the Eloi while those who go below become the Morlocks.


they do exist, but there is no real shroud of secrecy around it. One was auctioned off a couple years back in my area. Plus many of those pictures were of Cheyenne Mountain (aka norad), and Cheyenne is anything but a secret at this point.



Reminds me of the vaults in Fallout 3. I think being in boondockville Upstate NY i'll be safe from nukes anyways. Thee are 1000 cities more important than Utica NY in the US and I live far enough away to survive an initial strike even if the city was targeted. And there is vast Land out this way which one could effectively hunt and farm indefinately which are hundreds of miles away from the city.



You have to give our government credit for creativity, some of the locations are both mind boggling and the last place you would think they would be located.


Keep yer stinkin' hands off Weena HH...she's mine.

I would love to see Canada's version of these. Third rate shit that's for sure lol. It would have to have a hockey rink though...fuck rice.


There is one under D.C.