D-Public's Log

Rack Chin - bwx10, 30x10, 40x10, 50x6

Rack Pull - went up to 335x3…i stopped there because I didn’t like the movement…I think I will just deadlift next time…

BB Row - 135x10, 185x10, 225x10

Cable Row - 230x10,250x10, 270x10
i dont know how comparable these numbers are to another cable machine, but i dont give a shit…i like the movement

rack pulls are getting taken out…deadlifts will go first then everything else…

today kind of sucked compared to the rest of the week…i think changing what i just mentioned should fix everything though…

This is the evolution…

Bench - 205x3, 205x3, 205x3, 215x2, 215x1, 225x2

Foamroller Press - 225x3, 245x2, 235x3, 235x3, 245x2, 245x3

Band Bench - 105x3, 135x3, 155x2, 155x3, 135x5

Rolling DB Ext. - 30x10, 40x14

Band Pushdowns - 4 sets

DaN Pullaparts - 3 sets
I named this exercise after myself.

Today felt great. I benched 225 for the first time ever, and i did it twice. I just see no limits now.

Front Squat - 205x3, 205x3, 215x3, 215x3, 225x3, 245x2, 245x2, 255x1

RDL - 185x10, 225x10, 245x10

Band Pullthroughs - Blue Band 4 sets

BB Curl - 95x10,115x10

DB Curl - 30x10, 40x20

today was good as well…I don’t know if I should replace DB curl with something else or maybe try to duct tape plates to my 40s…If I had an extra $100 i would buy DB handles…I’ll figure something out though…

Speed Bench - 8x3
working on technique and controlled speed…then went up to 205x2 again, and it felt ok but not good

BB High Incline - 115x10, 145x10, 155x6

BTN seated Press - 95x10, 125x6

Close Grip Bench - 185x7

EZ Bar Extension - 50x10, 70x10, 90x8

JM press - 75x8
I’m just taking this out…i cant get the technique down…cgbp and the extensions are good enough…

Inv Rows - 14,13

face pulls and some band pull aparts…

today was ok…I didn’t really hit any big PRs…the weight on regular bench is feeling lighter, but we’ll see what happens on heavy bench day…

Deadlift - 315x3, 335x1, 365x1, 365x1, 365xfail
big disappointment here…I think I’m going to do doubles with a lighter weight like 335…

Deadlifts off Platform - 315x2, 315x2, 315x2, 315x1 plus fail
this was probably too heavy…i will start with 295 next week and adjust…

Speed Pulls from floor - 225 for 10 singles
I probably just going to change this to light deadlift instead for recovery purposes…like 185 for 10 reps or so

I’m terribly weak off the floor…If i can even move it one inch off the ground I can lock it out…sometimes training frustrates me a lot

BB row - 225x10, 245x6
my form was kind of bad since my back hurt…

Lat pulldown and cable row…i worked up to a heavy weight, but they are getting taken out because the cable machine sucks…

Next time, I will probably only do deadlift work…maybe strict bb rows and thats its…we’ll see

today was not good…it sucks trying to figure everything out when you have limited equipment…i think next time will be better though…

Bench - 165x5, 175x5, 185x5, 195x5, 205x6

Foamroll press - 225x3, 225x3, 235x3, 235x3, 245x3

DB rolling ext. - 30x10, 40x16

Band Pushdowns - 5 sets

Some Band pullaparts and Facepulls

today was ok…I understand that some weeks i wont make incredible progress…I just have to be patient and train as hard as I can…my program is designed properly for progression…I just need to do 100% every week and continue to do the exercises and results should come…

Front Squats - 225x3, 235x2, 235x2, 245x2, 245x2

RDL - 135x10, 185x10, 225x10

Band Pullthrough - Bluex2 sets, blue+MBx6 reps
I did these today by hooking a V handle on the band…its easier to hold on to without taxing the grip…

Barbell Curl - 95x10, 125x5

Incline DB curl - 30x10, 40x11

fronts and rdls were pretty light, but they are merely assistance exercises for my deadlift. I will push them in the coming weeks.

Speed Bench - 8x3

BB High Incline Press - 115x10, 135x10, 155x8

BTN Seated Press(no back support) - 95x10, 125x6,

Close Grip Bench - 135x10, 155x10, 185x8

EZ bar extension - 50x10, 70x10, 90x9

2 sets of mini band pull aparts and face pulls for 20 reps each and 1 set of inverted rows

today was ok…I didn’t hit major PRs, but like I said earlier…some weeks progress is slow…

I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck…

Deadlift -245x5, 275x5, 295x5, 315x5

Deadlift from Platform - 315x2, 315x2, 315x2, 315x2, 315x2
my entire body hurt at this point…

these numbers obviously suck, but its a starting point…

i took the last 2 days off…i will be going back to a mon,tues,thurs,fri split instead of 2 day 1 day off…i need that 1 day of extra recovery…

anyway i was bored so today i did…

v handle pulldowns - working up to 230x10

i also worked on my deadlift form because one issue has been troubling me. I noticed that the very first pull was very hard for me, yet consequent reps were very easy even though i was pulling from a deadstop. I realized that the reason why the first pull was so hard is because i was setting up too high and on the consequent reps my hips dropped to the correct posistion.

So now for my deadlift set up, I set up similar to misha koklaev by dropping my hips down and then bringing them back up when i initiate the lift…which allows me to get in the correct posistion…if i just try to set up normal i cant get my hips low enough…so its all a matter of set up really and getting the best leveraging…hopefully my deadlift will go up on friday and i wont have back issues anymore…

bench - 185x5, 195x5, 205x6

Incline bench - 135x10, 155x9

DB rolling ext. - 30x10, 40x18

Band face pull - worked up to green band plus mini bandx12

the 6th rep was easier on bench this week…i didn’t do foamroll press because it is brutal on the joints…and i needed a break…maybe i will add it back if i cant get carryover from inclines

Deadlift - 315x10
Ok my set up change definitely made a difference, but I messed up and did the first 4 reps Touch and go…so that sucked…i’m pretty certain i could’ve got 10 dead pause off the ground…i easily could have done a couple more reps but i stopped at 10…

Yates row - 225x10
i didn’t want to push it since my back pain is getting somewhat better…

V handle pulldowns - 240x6

i did ok today…Anyway my routine is becoming bodybuilding influenced now…i just think its a easier way to train the entire body…

BB High Inclines - 155x8

BTN seated Press - 125x8

Rear delt raise/row - 40x8
i think I saw ronnie doing rear delts like this in unbelievable or maybe another dvd, so i copied him…

BB Curl - 125x5

Incline DB curl - 40x11

my bb curl stayed the same…not sure why…maybe because i’m doing shoulders first now instead of legs…

anyway i should also note that i do my shoulder work using partial ROM…i don’t lock out the last 2-3 inches until my last rep…and i use some slight body english on the curls nothing excessive though just enough to get the bar moving…

I might go down to 115 for bb curls and try to get something like 12 reps than move back up to 125…we’ll see next week…

Front Squat - 245x3
I could have done more, but I wanted to save my back for deadlifts next tuesday.

RDl - 245x10
i do these to right below knee cap…thats as much as my flexibility allows…i wouldn’t go lower than 3-4 inches below knee cap anyway…

Band Leg curls - green bandx16
i tried blue but its too much resistance which is good because i have something to progress towards

thats it.

I don’t have much equipment right now but that situation will change soon. I want to do hacks, leg presses, or some other leg machine after fronts…or when my back pain goes away maybe i will do back squats again before fronts…

Bench - 215x4
Incline Bench - 155x8
Close Grip Bench - 185x9
EZ Bar Triceps Extension - 90x10(not counting bar weight)
1 set of 20 reps of facepulls and band pull aparts…and a set of pushdowns

Today, I had a good chest pump for once in my life…

My incline went down a rep, but I’m not worried…I was probably fatigued from flat bench…Everything else went up though which is Awesome…

Deadlift - 335x3
sharp pain on third rep…

V handle pulldown - 240x8

lat pulldown - 200x8

I just have to stop deadlifting…The injury from sumo pulls just hasn’t healed, and I’m making it worse every time I pull heavy…

my form is fine…it’s just that there is some kind of hip/spine injury on my left side…

i will stop deadlifting for atleast a month…then come back to it for higher reps…7-10 region…

335 is just so pathetic…i don’t even want to think about this…

BB High Incline - 155x10

BTN seated BB press - 125x9

Rear delt fly/row - 40x9

BB curls - 115x8

Incline DB curl - 40x10

curls went down…i’m not surprised though…it should go back up…goal is 115x12 then i’ll go up…

front squat - 135x10

RDL - 135x15

Hamstring curls - 70x12

weighted crunches - bwx50,5x20,10x7
these are done with a plate behind the head with minimum rest…

reverse crunches - 2x12

Obviously, I can’t go heavy until my back is healed. I think I optimized my training now. This is the routine I will use. I want another quad exercise, but the only option is back squat or maybe Zercher squat. I decided I will do all hamstring work in the 12-15 range from now on as well.

Also, I got a quad pump from those front squats hahha…and I do think bodybuilding training is the way for me to train…I will be hitting all my lifts in the 6-10 rep range now…

V Handle Pulldown - 240x12

Lat Pulldown - 200x12

Cable row - 70x15
went light because of low back…

Ez bar curls - 70x12
i will do more next time…80 probably…these were done with good form and contractions

One arm DB preachers - 30x10 both arms
finally, an exercise i can progress on with limited DB weight…

I am going back to training biceps twice a week again…I made gains doing it the first time and when i stopped i stopped making gains…imma post my new split


ONE ARM DB PREACHERS(might not need this)




Day 6 OFF


Some things obviously will change…but I think I can handle this…I try to do 3 exercises per bodypart ramping up over 3 work sets in the 10-12 rep range…

I am going train back and biceps only once a week…i dont know why i over complicated a classic split like this…no need to do that kind of stuff…